Christmas sorted with Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Christmas

Now is the time of year I start panicking the boys haven’t got enough for Christmas. Sadly, the bank is looking rather empty.  So I need as many cheap fillers to pad out the Christmas pile as much as possible!  Hooray that its black Friday so all hope is not lost.

Pick up you Black Friday Deals

Now the boys are more aware of the number of presents rather than the price, so quantity matters to them. The pile must create quite an impact! Each boy needing an identical number of presents or heaven help me (well Santa, he takes the credit so its only fair he has the blame too!!!).

Thankfully you can get black Friday deals to save the day, lots of companies get involved, discounting their prices so you can find some great offers online. Black Friday is meant to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season, but I do like to make a start before then. But perhaps I should wait, take it in my stride and save myself for those better deals in the run up to Christmas.

Sign up Now

I have registered so I hear first about the mega black Friday deals available from The Works.  It was very simple to do, I just added my name and email address so they can keep me updated. There prices are very reasonable normally, so I am excited to see what bargains I will find on Friday the 24th of November. It’s a date worth remembering to stock up on books, stationary, science sets, toys and games. You can get Christmas wrapped up quite easily and most importantly without breaking the bank. You have to live after the 25th of December after all.

Stop buying for buying’s sake

I hate buying for buying’s sake but at the same time I don’t want to be a bah humbug when Christmas can be so magical. Books are one of my favourite gifts for the boys.  I was an avid reader as a child and I want that love of books to pass on to my children. The Works have so many cheap books from decent authors too! My youngest is a fan of the Captain Underpants books mainly because he is quite mischievous like the lead characters.  You can get a set of 10 books for £15! You can also get a book on fidget spinners tricks for £4 a handy stocking filler.  Yes mine still like them even if the rest of the UK isn’t gripped in fidget spinner fever anymore.

Let me know what bargains you pick up on the 24th of November. It might give me some much needed inspiration for the rest of the family!

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