The Master Bedroom Unveiled

Master bedroom

Our new bedroom is MASSIVE.  I thought a house this size needed a master bedroom. It seemed better than having six bedrooms somehow.  There are only the four of us after all.  Well five if you include the dog, so technically we could have a room each if we wanted!

A while ago we had the ceiling down but finally a new one has been installed.  Everywhere is freshly plastered.  The difference is incredible, I am so pleased with the results.  I think now the ceiling is back it should be a lot warmer for us.  It’s nice when we have visitors opening the door on a room that looks nice and fresh.  Rather than one with different coloured walls, missing ceiling and gaps in the wall where a second doorway had been.

I have included some pictures to show you the scale of the project.  It really was such a mess before.  It hurts my eyes to look at it!  That’s why I picked a different feature picture because my blog feed wants to be beautiful.




Bedroom after

Bedroom after

Our builders have done an amazing job.  With a lick of paint, new flooring and blinds we would be ready to move in.

Now is the time I can finally think about how to decorate and what accessories and gadgets to buy to complete the room.  I have never had this much space in a bedroom before.  I have lots of flexibility about what we can do.  It’s a little overwhelming but a nice problem to have.


My husband has one priority and that is to buy a TV Bed, it would be a nice luxury I guess.  We need to buy a new bed as ours will be remaining in the guest room.  I could be tempted.  I guess the timing is right to purchase one anyway.  But on the condition I have final veto on the one that is eventually chosen.

The Laike Grey Fabric TV Bed looks very stylish and contemporary.  Our previous bed is black, but grey seems a much more popular choice for interiors now.  As far as it might even overtake magnolia, which is my usual go to colour!!!

Master bedroom

I have been spoilt up till now as we have a superking.  It really is a good option when you have kids and they come in for cuddles its not such a squeeze then.  I don’t think I could go back to a double anyway.  They look so tiny now.

I had debated making a little sitting area in the room too, but with a TV bed I might not need one.  Watching TV in bed is more relaxing anyway.  I can stretch out properly and feel cosy under the duvet.

I will post another update on the master bedroom when we move in.  But I am so thrilled with all the progress I just had to share the news of where we are up too.

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