Tidy Freaks Review and Giveaway

Tidy Freaks

I was sent a Tidy Freaks Graby Car Trash Bag to review.  Our car is always a dreadful state, so I think these trash bag products are a genius idea!  They are colourful, fun and exciting.  Best of all the monsters enjoy eating trash!  My friend had the same dilemma in her car, she put a bin in there instead.  But it would topple over and cause more chaos.  These trash bags hold in place securely, so they make life much easier and less messy!  I am sure when I show her our Tidy Freak she will want one of her own.

Tidy Freaks

The likeable characters, Graby, Gimi, and Gorji will encourage your child to keep the car tidy.  Sweets wrappers will make it into the bag rather than litter the floor.  £15.00 with free UK postage is a fair price to pay for conditioning your children into better habits.  The product easily fits on the back of the headrest with the velcro strap.

I often feel quite embarrassed about the car interior, especially if my husband offers someone a lift without warning me first.  Hopefully from this point on our car will look much cleaner and tidier.  They can hold so much rubbish, you would be surprised by just how much one Tidy Freak can gobble up.  Their tummy will be huge afterwards.

The number of wrappers my boys accumulate is astounding from the crisps, chocolate and sweets they like to snack on during long journeys.  Some wrappers can be very sticky still but worry not each of the Tidy Freaks have a wipe clean inner liner.  It’s so convenient for keeping it clean.  If you use the code TIDYFREAKS on their website you can save 10% of your purchase.

If you would like to win a Tidy Freaks character of your choice, please fill in the form below by the 7th of March.

Win a Tidy Freaks product of your choice

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  1. Brilliant just the the thing for when my granddaughters are in the car, so much nicer than a carrier bag which we have at the moment

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