How decluttering can be good for your health and bank account


I am always looking for ways to make money to cover our high cost of living.  We seemed to have spent a small fortune trying to keep the house warm this winter!  Let’s hope that spring is finally here!!!  I have needed to do all I can to keep our bank account out of the red.  Whether it’s been through blogging, handing out samples for Talk to Mums or decluttering and making a few quid that way!

There are many things you can do to help your finances and make steps towards financial freedom read on to find out more.

Why Declutter?

Decluttering is very therapeutic, its lovely having a cleaner home and living a simpler lifestyle!  Also, it’s surprising how much you can make.

Have a sort through your house.  Any items without sentimental value that serve no purpose can be sold off.  Always remembering “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

You might be pleasantly surprised what people will buy so don’t be afraid of listing it all!  Junk can slowly drag you down, you feel like its crowding in on you.  Once you have a good sort out you will feel all that drift away!  Once you start decluttering it might extend to other avenues of your life, it can be such a positive experience.

Sell Jewellery

declutter jewellery

I have been researching the best way to get cash for my gold my mum bought me a gold necklace for my 18th.  But gold isn’t really my thing.  White gold perhaps at a push but I’m not one for wearing much jewellery anyway!  I tend to stick with sleeper earrings simply so the holes in my ears don’t close and my wedding band.  My mum accepts this now and she understands I value cash more.  All in my aim to juggle the family budget and keep this old stone house warm.

I am quite happy to sell old jewellery I guess I should be more sentimental but I am a realist and unless it’s something I will wear there is no point keeping something for the sake of it.  Especially when most precious things end up out of sight or getting dusty!  It’s just more work having to find somewhere to store it or extra work cleaning.

Approach it room by room

Start room by room, don’t declutter more than one at a time otherwise it can get chaotic.  As you open drawers and spill out the contents!  Make piles of what can be sold, what can be recycled and what has to be thrown.

You can list items on Ebay or locally.  Facebook can be a good option see if you have a community selling page in your area.  I like this option over having to sort out postage and packing.  Although you might not earn as much if the area you are selling in isn’t very affluent.  If that’s the case it might be worth getting some packaging supplies in and dealing with the inconvenience so you have access to a wider base.

packaging to declutter

Eventually you might run out of things to sell.  Assuming you have also used the exercise to think carefully about what you buy.  My mum has never bought me jewellery since and I turn 40 this year.  She adjusted her gifts to reflect what I really need!  For us honesty worked.

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