Getting Fit at Forty

getting fit

Okay I am not quite there but I am on the cusp of turning forty!  I think its time to consider getting fit as after forty with a slowing metabolism its even tougher than normal to stay in shape.  The start of the menopause can cause all kinds of problems too.

Previously I’ve never really had a problem with my weight.  I stayed in size 8 jeans until having babies.  Only then moving on to a size 10.  Which I kind of accepted as part of the package of becoming a mum!  To be honest I thought it was a healthier weight, so I didn’t really mind so much.

However, I have always took it for granted that I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted too.

getting fit no donuts

But lately I have noticed my waist thickening and the scales not been quite so flattering as they used to be.  When I was out shopping I had to grudgingly buy the size 12 jeans.  I think it might be a slippery slope if I don’t try and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Here are my plans so far:

Join a Gym

On the plus side I have joined a leisure centre, but on the down side I don’t visit as much as I should!  The bargain all inclusive day membership doesn’t seem such a good deal when you only make it to a couple of classes a month.  So, I will be trying harder to stick to my workout sessions with more regularity.  I have enjoyed the fitball and palates classes I have had so far.  I am not one for pumping weight I enjoy improving my overall flexibility.

Change my Eating Habits

This is difficult, I have a sweet tooth and lately have been craving carbs too.  I just want to munch everything in sight.  It’s so hard as I have got into a bad habit of rewarding myself after a tough day parenting with a nice slice of cake (or two).  So, it’s going to be lots of vegetables, pulses, fruit and lean meat or fish.

I have never used weight lose powders, but I was looking at the different kinds of protein powder from Protein King and wondering how they might help.  They do have promising scientific results so if I really start to struggle I might give them a try.  But for now, I am going to try and have a better relationship with food.  If I want to give myself a reward I will try a new book or running a bath instead.

It might be worth learning what your triggers are.  The foods that set you off eating all the wrong things.  Can you stop after one biscuit or do you go on and eat the whole pack?  I found a glass of water with a slice of lemon to be a nice treat when I had a break from the wrong foods.  It took the edge off my craving.

getting fit lemon water

Adjust my portion size

My husband dishes out dinner and always gives me far too much.  But because its on my plate I tend to finish what I have been given.  I need to eat smaller meals.  It’s important to keep your blood sugar in check when your older so add a couple of snacks into your day too.

Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals is a bad idea.  Luckily in that respect, I never miss a meal!  I love my food too much to go without.  If you are trying to lose wait don’t be tempted to skip a meal this is worse for your metabolism and your more likely to eat the wrong kind of things as your body panics its being starved and tries to store calories not burn them.

I have a few more tips in an earlier post I wrote get fit fast.  Remember to stay hydrated, our body often mistakes thirst for hunger!  I think this applies to my kids as they always grumble for snacks, but they don’t finish their drinks.  Well, apart from at bedtime when they suddenly seem happy to request and drink water…

If your trying to lose weight like me good luck with your journey.  It can be tough at times when you feel your not making enough progress but hang in there!

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