Why the Ford Focus ST-Line is the Perfect Family Car

In the market for a new family car? This is always a difficult decision as it is important that you find the perfect vehicle for your family’s needs. What this is will depend on the size of your family, your budget, where you live and what you use the car for.  But there are a few factors which are important to all families.  Think practicality, reliability, comfort and safety just to name a few.

A UK Favourite Brand

family car ford

When making an important decision like this, it is always smart to play it safe.  Go with a brand that is known for their reliable automobiles. Perhaps the best example of this is Ford, who is consistently the UK’s most popular manufacturer with the Focus and Fiesta always among the best-selling cars each year.

Focus ST-Line

One model that stands out as a superb choice for a family is the Ford Focus ST-Line. This excellent vehicle is a sporty-looking version of the iconic Focus, which is always a popular choice with families due to its reliability, build-quality and practicality. So, what is so good about the Ford Focus ST-Line and why should it be considered by any parent?


As with all Ford Focus models, the ST-Line boasts a surprisingly spacious interior for a subcompact car and the use of high-quality and comfortable seats means that driver and passengers can ride comfortably even on long drives.  It would easily seat 3 kids in the back or 2 fully grown adults. The ST-Line is also very well equipped with an ergonomic cabin and a decent amount of space in the boot for prams, shopping, pets etc.


In terms of performance, the ST-Line is enjoyable to drive and there is a wide range of economical engines to choose from to keep running costs down. Some parents may be deterred by the fact that it looks like a sports car.  However this is more aesthetic and the performance is instead similar to the classic Focus with good composure, a smooth ride and responsive handling.

Buying Used

On top of all this, the Ford Focus ST-Line can be easy to find in the used car market.  For affordable prices when you shop at places like Motorpoint. Ford vehicles make for terrific used cars because they are so well-built and reliable, so even an older model will not let you down and will be a smart purchase.

Buying a family car is a huge decision as you will rely very heavily on this vehicle each day. You can’t go wrong with a brand like Ford with the Focus ST-Line being a great option due to its comfort, space, reliability and performance.

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