Getting the medical care you need when pregnant

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I have generally been happy enough with my care at the doctors and hospital during my pregnancy. I understand resources are strained.  Budgets are cut and staff are trying their best to provide a quality service under difficult circumstances.  But the medical care you receive is a big part of achieving an ideal pregnancy.

I did have a moment of panic when one of my consultants was wearing mismatched shoes.  It turned out not to be the gentlest of examinations either!  But I don’t think I felt very relaxed as I was already so tense.  It’s not to say that a poor choice of shoes impacts medical professionalism, but it is nice if they match!  It makes you think they might have as sloppy an attitude to your medical care as they do to their wardrobe choices.

I don’t like to complain as a rule, I am not one for drawing attention to myself publicly.  It would have to be serious for me to put in a formal complaint.  I do think however that its our right if we aren’t happy with how we are treated during pregnancy to do something about it.  The stakes are so high after all, us mum’s just want to deliver a healthy baby and need the medical care to facilitate that.

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My first birth was quite traumatic.  I had a lot of tearing and had to have an operation afterwards to be stitched back together.  Some aspects of the birth didn’t go to plan, I was going pain relief too late on into my pregnancy, the first epidural was dripping out of my back and I was still in excruciating pain!  They had to come back and do it again.  Then I needed to be hooked up to a machine because I couldn’t feel my contractions.  My second birth was more seamless.  The head nurse noticed my son had the cord wrapped around his head twice and dealt with the situation very quickly!  Otherwise it could have been devastating.

What to do if your unhappy with your medical care?

Use your voice, speak to your doctor, let them know how you are feeling.  You have choices to make and they should respect your wishes when it comes to your birth plan and hospital choice.  Some doctors have set ideas and might try and overrule your plans.  Get a second opinion if you need too.

If it’s a case of medical negligence its worth getting additional legal help so you can fight your case.  If an error in treatment has had a lasting impact on your new-born you will need the funds to help with their ongoing treatment.  Extra money will play a part finding ways to improve their quality of life.

It might be helpful if other witnesses to your care and birth write a statement, so you have the hard facts of what happened.

Don’t leave it too long, concerns are best raised straight away.

Fingers crossed you all get the birth you want and everything works out wonderfully!

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