Our Stay in Butlin’s Wave Hotel Bognor Regis


We first visited Butlin’s when my boys were 3 and 5.  A couple of weekends ago we returned for our third trip and now at 9 and 11 the appeal is still as strong.  It’s such a fantastic holiday package, the entertainment is incredible, the food tasty and the accommodation inviting.  There really is something for everyone here.


We stayed at the Wave Hotel in Bognor Regis Butlin’s.  I found it to be our quietest hotel stay to date.  Usually we hear guests coming back or in the room next door, but we slept well and peacefully.  We also appreciated the boys having their own separate bedroom, which made it more of a relaxing break!  The theme of a submarine was a success too.


When we are all in one room bedtime can be a real challenge.  This way we had a bit of space and privacy.  We could unwind after a busy day before going to sleep, rather than having to turn our lights out just so they fall asleep.

The rooms at the Wave Hotel have all the conveniences you could possibly need.  They really are very well equipped, comfortable and spacious.  As a family our holiday here ticked all the boxes for us.  I would wholeheartedly recommend a stay in the Wave Hotel without hesitation.

For my tweens finding the Games Port was the icing on the cake.  A room dedicated to the latest interactive games was a good move Butlin’s, well played!  Here my two even managed to make a new friend!  A great space to socialise and a chance for the parents to recharge.

Butlin's wave hotel


Bognor Regis is a great destination to visit, Hotham Park is one of the nicest parks we have seen and its just across the road.  The boys liked having a ride on the miniature train and seeing the newly installed Alice in Wonderland wooden sculptures.

Butlin's review

Naturally you will be very busy with the comprehensive schedule in Butlin’s but its nice to know if you choose to venture outside you have a lovely park on your doorstep!  We walked into town too and liked browsing in Heygates Bookshop.  The books literally are from floor to ceiling, what a shop!


We had the Premium Dining Plan included in our review visit and we were spoilt for choice.  The food was appetising and cooked to perfection!  I didn’t have one complaint, apart from perhaps coming home slightly heavier than I left!  But the food was too moreish to resist, especially all the tempting desserts on display.  It’s all self-service buffet so you don’t have to wait for your food.  Just go up, fill your plate and tuck in!  The restaurant times were good too, 8:30am to 10:30am for breakfast and 4:30pm to 7pm for dinner.  So, if you fancied a later breakfast as you had slept in there wasn’t a problem.

Quality Entertainment at Butlin’s

We watched Cinderella Rocks and it was spellbinding.  The special effects were incredible, and the stepmother’s costumes a sight to see.  The poodle outfit had me cracking up in laughter! Baroness Voluptua character is a real highlight!  Honestly, I haven’t laughed this much in ages.  It would be a crime not to watch a Butlin’s panto.

It was a flawless performance that had us enthralled from start to finish.  For the children it was so magical, lots of audience participation and it was wonderful seeing their faces light up when the foam was falling.

Afterwards we managed to watch the second half of the New Generation Wrestling show.  My boys were instantly drawn into the action!  They got behind the underdog and kept heckling the current champion!  They were literally sitting on the edge of their seats wondering who would win.

During out second day we paid £7 each to watch the Big Top Circus.  It was money well spent as again it was extremely enjoyable.  The opening scene completely caught our attention, the Greatest Showman intro was captivating and then we were hooked watching the talented trapeze artists and aerial gymnasts perform.


On our last evening we watched the Stephen Mulhern show, the boys thought it was hilarious.  It had a sprinkling of magic and lots of comedy. Afterwards the audience had a chance to meet and greet with the man himself!  This is something the boys were thrilled about, yes it involved a bit of queueing but what a memory for them from their summer holiday!  They haven’t stopped telling everyone because they thought it was so exciting meeting a celebrity they know and love from Saturday Night Takeaway.


Lots of Value Added

When you stay at Butlin’s you get more than your average holiday!  So much is included in the cost of your stay.  The fair was great fun and completely free as was our swimming session in the Splash Waterworld.


We decided to pay for the pottery studio, but the price was reasonable at £8 each.  But you could easily stay busy just with the free entertainment.

I am torn now I don’t know if I have a favourite Butlin’s they are all amazing!  Why not re-familiarize yourself with my Minehead Butlin’s stay if you are still deciding which Butlin’s you would like to visit.

Disclosure: Butlin’s gave me a free stay in exchange for social media coverage.  I enjoyed my holiday so much I wanted to also wanted to write this blog post!

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  1. We’ve been looking at places to stay with the kids and had struck Butlins off the list after dodgy holidays as kids, however seeing this review and the one of Minehead has definitely got us reconsidering it.

  2. It looks like Butlins is the perfect hotel for a family holiday, it has something for every member of the family. The gaming room sounds like a so much fun for the children 🙂

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