Get your Visa in order before traveling to Southeast Asia

Enveloped in the mist of lost civilizations, lined by golden sands and studded with lush green rainforests, this is Southeast Asia! If you are planning a trip to SEA, be ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime. This is a region of rivers, oceans, and islands and a strong spiritual dimension. Each country, region, and city here has its own unique character. Holiday makers can browse MAS airlines booking to learn about some exciting package deals on flights to SEA.  But don’t forget to get your visa organised!

Southeast Asia consists of several countries.  The leading countries include names like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, and Taiwan. Each of these carries a specific visa requirement. As a knowledgeable traveler, it is essential to be well-informed of the type you will need. Perhaps you are exploring just one country in the SEA or are moving across several.  It would be annoying and expensive if you had to cut your holiday short because of visa issues.

Visa requirements by country

Some SEA countries require you to apply for a visa beforehand.  Whilst some countries will provide one on arrival.  Usually it can be difficult to plan these things as requirements often change across South East Asia.  Get the latest information before you plan your trip.  Know your rights in each host country.


cambodia visa

You are eligible for a 30-day tourist visa on arrival.  But ensure that you have two completely free pages and 6-months validity in your passport.


All EU citizens and US citizens can visit Indonesia without a visa for 30 days. However one can extend this time by visiting an immigration office.


Citizens of the certain countries are allowed to enter Laos visa-free for a certain number of days.  Usually 30 days, 15 days or 14 days depending on where you are from. You will need 6 months validity left on your passport and 2 blank pages.


Malaysia has the easiest process in SEA and grants visa-free entry to nationals of many countries. It is also known as a ‘Social Visit Pass.’


Getting a visa to Myanmar is easier than before, and can be completed online. The tourist visa is for 28 days.


Most nationalities get a Free Tourist Entry Pass upon arrival in Thailand while certain countries get 90-day or 30-day visa-free based on their nationality.


visa vietnam

Vietnam grants visa-free entry to certain nationalities for a certain number of days which could be 90, 30, 21 or 15.

The Philippines

One can get a visa-free entry on arrival in the Philippines for 30 days. Brazil and Israel nationals of are granted visa-free entry for 59 days.


Citizens of most countries can gain 30-90 days entry in Singapore depending on their nationality.

The advantage of exploring SEA is that there are tons of destinations which are just a short distance away. You would, of course, like to cover more countries and destinations as you holiday in South East Asia. Flights like Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok or Singapore to Jakarta are very popular among tourists and travelers.

As these issues are extremely stressful things for people who travel.  One should get all the information beforehand as the requirements and regulations keep changing all the time. Don’t let that spoil your holiday.  Instead carry the latest information meaning you can travel with complete confidence.

So, as you can see, although requirements vary in the SEA, it is easy to get one. As a general rule show sufficient funds to stay, the required validity on your passport and proof of onward ticket.  Also don’t forget to have some blank pages on your passport and ideally carry two passport sized photos!  Well, it always helps to be prepared!

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