3 handy tips for an autumn-ready bathroom


With the children back at school and the crunch of leaves underfoot, the change of seasons is upon us. The long hot summer is now long in our memories, meaning it’s time to prepare ourselves for the colder days ahead.

There are some quick and easy things you can do right now, to make sure your home is autumn-ready. Whilst our bedrooms and living rooms require minor adaptations—a thicker duvet here, a comfy throw there—it’s our bathrooms that may need a little more attention.

I asked online bathroom specialists VictoriaPlum.com to come up with their 3 top tips for a comfy, autumn-ready bathroom.

1. Bleed heated towel rails or radiators

Whilst many of us try to avoid switching on the central heating until absolutely necessary, it pays to test out the heating in your bathroom ahead of any cold snap. It’s really easy to do. Simply switch your system on, wait for an hour or so, then give your heating a good feel (ensuring you don’t burn yourself in the process!). If your radiator or heated towel rail gives off an even warmth distribution, it is good to go. However, if you discover cold spots, you may need to bleed your radiator. Again, this is very simple to do.

Switch your central heating off and allow your radiators and heated towel rails to cool down. Take a radiator bleed valve (you probably have one somewhere in your home or it can be purchased for next to nothing). Slot this into the square-shaped hole in the side of your heated towel rail or radiator. Get a tea towel or cloth and hold it beneath the valve. Turn the valve anti-clockwise. You should hear a hissing sound as air escapes. Once all air has escaped, water will start to come out in its place. At this point, turn the valve back to its original position.

Do this and you should be left with efficient heating which could even save you money on your energy bills, not to mention warming those toasty towels to perfection!

2. Check your bathroom lighting


During the summer months, we are quite spoilt with the amount of natural light we can enjoy. However, with much more reliance on artificial light during the autumn months, not to mention the clocks going back, it’s high time to ensure your bathroom lights are up to the task.

The first thing to do is check all bulbs in your bathroom. This may be a simple job, especially if you only have one light fixture, however it could be that you simply haven’t bothered to replace a bulb when dealing with multiple lights.

Next, check whether your lighting is adequate for your needs. If you are finding it hard to apply makeup or look for things, simply because the light is dim, it may be worth considering some additional lighting. Thankfully, this can be really easy to do. There are plenty of battery-operated LED mirrors available which require only the bare minimum of DIY skills to install.

If you have decided you wish to update your lighting entirely, never attempt this yourself—unless, that is, you are a certified and experienced electrician. Electrics in bathrooms are a special case and lights have to be specially designed for bathroom use. Look for the IP rating and suitability for different bathroom zones when you buy. Your electrician will be able to advise you on this.

3. Keep draughts out

During the summer, a cooling breeze can be quite pleasant, however, during the autumn and winter months, it’ll turn your bathroom into a cold and uninviting space. If you have gaps around your windows and door, you could end up losing vital heat. So, make sure you check your windows and doors for draughts, including areas where pipes leave your premises. There are relatively inexpensive solutions you can buy, like foam strips, which can be fitted around windows to prevent heat from escaping.

Of course, one thing you should bear in mind is the ventilation in your bathroom. One of the most common bathroom issues is condensation which can lead to mould and damp developing. Ensure your bathroom is well ventilated by fitting a ventilation fan. These can be designed to function using a switch cord and can be installed into a window or wall. That way, you won’t need to keep windows open and lose heat.

Simply follow these 3 handy tips and your bathroom can be a warm and welcoming retreat this autumn. You’ll find more expert bathroom tips and advice at VictoriaPlum.com.

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