Small World Sky Islands Review and Giveaway

Sky islands

Lately we have got completely hooked on our Small World game in a BIG way.  After watching the Lord of the Rings films the boys seem keener than usual to play the game.  They like the idea of battling to control more land and getting the chance to play different races.  We were delighted to be sent the Sky Islands expansion.  Now our Small World adventures could be extended into the clouds!

If you are already familiar with the Small World game getting the hang of the expansion isn’t difficult.  You have an additional board to place on top of the Small World map.  Just make sure you play a map that is one less player than you have.  Otherwise you will have too much space that you might not need to fight over it!

You are introduced to seven new races and powers.  I like having these extra cards to add to our original game too.  When five of us are playing we go through the races so quickly.  It’s nice having a few new fresh ones to keep things interesting.  For Christmas I want to get the boys some of the race collection packs and the Tales and Legends pack, so we can play out different events.  I don’t see us tiring of Small World any time soon.  The only thing I would say it does get a bit competitive when we start squabbling over patches of land.  But it does keep us on our toes.

Sky Islands

If you don’t have an airborne power you can get to Sky Islands through one of two access points you add to your original map.  In Sky Islands there are three separate islands.  If you hold a complete island you get an extra VP point each turn.  Certain races work well with the expansion, my husband made a beeline for the Halflings so he could claim one of the access points for himself.  He then added his Halfling hole and it was immune from conquest.  Luckily, I managed to get the airborne power so getting to Sky Islands was a breeze, I just placed my first conquest on the original map then flew over to the Sky Islands and helped myself to the land!

My husband had the Storm Giants when the Halflings were in decline and they are powerful I really liked their lightning bolts!  Some of the races seem good in theory, the scarecrows have big numbers which is handy when you attempt to take over lands.  But when you get destroyed that player gets an extra victory point per scarecrow region they take!  The last thing you want is to be giving away additional victory points to anyone.  After all the aim of the game is to be the player with the most points at the end.

Win Small World Sky Islands

I have a copy of Sky Islands (RRP £27.99) to giveaway if you would like to enter fill in the form below by the 12th of October.  But please do bear in mind when entering that this will require the original Small World game to play, it is not a standalone game.  Hopefully you already have a copy of Small World or are thinking of buying one soon.  I would definitely recommend you join the Small World fun if you haven’t already!

Win Small World Sky Islands Expansion

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