Win a Zuru Smashers Series 2 Bundle

Zuru Smashers

The boys were thrilled to be sent a selection of the Zuru Smashers Series 2 toys.  The eyeball SMASHBALLS the toys are contained in are great fun as you can see from my youngest wearing them!  Perfect for Halloween comedy entertainment.

The boys were so enthusiastic about these toys my youngest declared with passion he NEEDS to start collecting them.  I am pleased about this as I was struggling to think about ideas for him for Christmas.  Priced from £1.99 they won’t be too expensive either.  They make good treats instead of candy for Halloween too.

Zuru Smashers halloween

To get the toys out the boys had to smash the eyeballs, they loved this way of getting to the disgustedly gross characters.  Re-building the eyeballs after was quite a challenge but my eldest got skilled at it!  It’s good for their fine motor skills, because you really do need to carefully hold on to each of the pieces of the SMASHBALL and manipulate them to fit them back together!  My eldest spent ages mastering the skill.  Then he proudly showed me all the SMASHBALLS rebuilt!!!  I on the other hand haven’t managed to put one back together yet!  Although I do like the challenge and haven’t given up yet.

My youngest was delighted when one of the Smashers contained a rare awful animal that was in a packet covered in slime!  Such a wonderful surprise that the toys offer so much variety.  There are lots of different themes, like Filthy Food, Odd Bodies, Icky Insects and Toilet Humour.  Some even glow in the dark!  We haven’t found one of those yet but with over 100 to collect we have plenty to find.

Zuru smashers

You can even buy a sludge bus to transport your characters, all adding to the playability of these toys.

Win a Zuru Smashers Toys Bundle

I have the following prizes to giveaway:

1 x Smashers 1, 3 and 8 pack

Robo Alive 1 x Spider

Ossh 2 x small slime

If you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 20th of November.

Win a Zuru Smashers Toy Bundle

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