STEM Activity Books Review and Giveaway

Stem Activity Books

I was sent a collection of four STEM Activity books to review from Carlton Books.  My boys were excited when they saw them come out of the packet.  They have a real thirst for knowledge and are always eager to discover new facts and information.  They dug out a pencil each and enthusiastically started completing the puzzles.  I was so happy because its nice seeing them keen to want to learn.  Plus, they seemed content in each other’s company, sitting nicely really concentrating on the books.  Choosing not to argue or being their usual loud and boisterous selves.  The books managed to focus them whilst they soaked up all the wisdom contained in the pages.

STEM Activity Books

We had Terrific Technology, Sensational Science, Amazing Math’s and Extreme Engineering.  Each book was jam packed with activities to complete.  The graphics and puzzles really grabbed their attention.  I was impressed with the variety of challenges they could complete.  They had dot to dot, mazes, solving problems, word searches and much more besides.  Plenty of choice to keep things interesting and get them to really think things through.

STEM Activity Books

Priced at £9.99 each they would make fascinating educational gifts this Christmas that are still very affordable.  I always like to include books as part of their Christmas gifts.  Something to read and hopefully inspire my children to learn more about the world and how it works.

There are lots of useful facts which come to life with the well thought out activities.  Although it’s well designed so it’s never boring.  Any child will get a lot out of flicking through these pages and working on the activities.  Especially as it really helps your child understand new concepts!  Also, who knows perhaps a greater awareness of the subject matter might help your child decide to go down a certain career path linked to one of these incredible books!  For example, in the engineering book they can learn more about skyscrapers, bridges and extraordinary machines.  I think that the real-life application of knowledge is more thought provoking than just listing a lot of facts that children can’t imagine relating to the world around them.

At the end of the books there is a quiz to complete to see how well you understood the subject.  It’s a good way to check how much your child comprehended and go back over any areas they had difficulty with.

Win a set of four STEM Activity Books

If you would like a chance to win these four books (worth £39.96 in total) please fill out the form below by the 19th of December.

Win a set of four STEM Activity Books

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