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My eldest really enjoys reading the Guinness World Records books.  He makes a bee line for those titles whenever we visit the library.  So, he was delighted that you could play a Guinness World Records game too.  The game tests your knowledge but also has a practical element whereby you use everyday household items to showcase your skills!  I think those challenges make it much more entertaining.  To be honest in my opinion the game really captures the essence of the Guinness World Records.

You need to be good at the challenges, so you beat your opponent’s records to excel at this game!  The winner is the first person around the board with three winning challenge cards!  Your knowledge will only get you so far.  The challenges are quite amusing like wearing the most socks or balancing as many spoons as you possibly can.  It stops it just being a dry game full of facts.  Watching everyone’s efforts in the twenty challenges can be hilarious.  This is definitely a game to enjoy on Christmas day that all the family will want to join in!

It is a good idea to get the things you will need for the challenges ready at the start of the game.  Socks, a smartphone with timer, spoons, bottle of water etc.  Then when gameplay starts you don’t have to stop before each challenge to hunt out what you need.  Preparation is key for smooth gameplay!

You can still order the game in time for Christmas delivery!  It would go rather nicely with the latest Guinness World Records book.  Plus, who knows playing the game might inspire your child to find something they really shine at, so they might one day be a future record breaker!

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