Tyre Maintenance for local areas like Dundee

tyre snow and ice

I would love to take the boys to Scotland for the Hogmanay.  Scotland has been on my eldest son’s list of places to visit for a while now.  It seems an easy one to tick off and what better time to visit than during their New Year celebrations.  They really do go to town with torchlight processions, fireworks and live music.

I can also imagine Scotland would also look beautiful with snow, but the thought of driving there really worries me.  The remote villages can be more challenging so its important your car is in tip top condition for the journey!  The last thing you want to do is breakdown in the middle of nowhere.


You might not even realize a road is icy!  Guidance by the Scottish Police say to listen carefully as tyres travelling over ice are likely to make little or no noise.

Here are some suggestions to make sure your tyres are ready for the journey.

Tyre Maintenance

It’s important not to neglect your tyres.  You want to make sure you have enough traction on the road especially when road conditions are poor.  If the road is slippery it’s hard to keep control of your car.  Having faulty tyres is only going to make your job more difficult and put you in a dangerous situation.  Check the condition of your tyres and replace them if needed.  They need to be correctly inflated and have no visible signs of damage. Driving locally can be challenging when tyres are not maintained properly. In order to be safe you can check your car tyres in Dundee or other such areas (when travelling around Scotland) by searching for the nearest Point S branch.  The Scottish Police recommend you check your tyre pressures weekly.

Winter Tyres

There is no legal requirement to fit winter tyres, but it is something you can think about if you are worried about the snow in Scotland.  Winter tyres have different tread patterns, so they cope more effectively with snow.  They give better grip and help with braking performance.  All essentials for keeping you safe on the road.  Although if you are driving above 7°C they are not needed.  A good compromise is the all-season tyre which can cope above 0°C.

tyre Scotland snow

Tyre Snow Socks

Another option is tyre snow socks as a short-term fix is you find yourself on a very icy road and your car is struggling.

Drive Sensibly

Leave a bigger gap between cars as stopping distances can increase in ice and snow by 10 times!  Try and stick to the routes that have been gritted. If you feel a journey might be too dangerous don’t take the chance.

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