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My boys are massive Fortnite fans!  Absolutely huge!  They live and breathe anything and everything to do with it!  We have the clothing and a big collection of POP figures.  They seem to struggle to go a day without popping onto the game.  I do like to encourage them to have breaks though and they were naturally thrilled with the Fortnite Battle Royale Ultimate Winner’s Guide (£8.99).  I was pleased as it meant they had a break from the screen to do some reading instead.

Greats news that the book is back in stock on the Carlton Books website.  I really do think it’s the perfect Christmas gift.  Children get quite competitive on the game so learning some tips to give them an advantage does make a difference.  They already seem to know a lot having played the game for a while now.  But you can never do enough to refine your tactics and be the last one standing.

I have played the game myself, but I was hopeless.  I just hid in a bush until I had to move because the storm was closing in and I had no other option.  Perhaps I should sneakily swat up, so I can impress the boys with my new-found Fortnite skills.  Like I now know I shouldn’t shoot unless I can take the person out, otherwise I just give away my location!

It also pays not to be too over confident.  When you do take someone out make sure the coast is clear before you go for the loot!  You don’t want to rush straight out in the open and be taken out by their team mate!  If you do get spotted keep moving it makes it harder for them to shoot you.  See I think I am getting a handle on the game already.

It’s an interesting read whether you’re a casual player or taking it more seriously like my two.  They have soaked up all the knowledge on the pages ready to return to the game as pros.  You have tips for the landing, surviving the storm, becoming a better builder and making the most of the weapons you find.


Win Fortnite Battle Royale Ultimate Winner’s Guide

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Win a Fortnite Book

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