Bringing back Romance with Red Letter Days

I think there is a lot of pressure to get Valentines right so I thought I would give you a little bit of inspiration to take away that worry!  Our relationship certainly has its ups and downs so its nice to make a bit of a fuss of each other for Valentines.  We always love one another that goes without saying, but being parents is exhausting.  It leaves us with hardly any energy to focus on one another.  Naturally our priority as parents should be our children but making time for each other is important too.

A Night Away

If you have family that can babysit why not plan a romantic night away.  Red Letter Days have some great short break ideas that would leave you feeling revived!  You don’t have to struggle through the bedtime routine (thank the lord for that!) or worry about a ridiculous early start in the morning.  Breakfast will be made for you and you can eat it at your leisure!  The morning starts sedately not in full swing with sibling arguments to referee.

I think I only truly appreciated the therapeutic benefit of a romantic weekend when I became a parent.  Before that I took all those things for granted.  Even holding an uninterrupted conversation with my husband is nothing short of a miracle.  So, book the short break and don’t feel bad about it!  Red Letter Days have such varied accommodation choices too, so you could even stay somewhere really memorable like a tree house!

red letter days

A Spa Day

red letter days

If you can’t manage a whole night away together, consider booking your partner a spa day!  You can even look after the kids and they can take a friend.  Just imagine how relaxed they will feel when they come home.  Make sure their day includes a massage as it releases happy hormones!  They can be in short supply when your kids are being a handful and life is getting on top of you.

Book Lunch Out

Red Letter Days

Whilst the kids are at school plan to eat out for lunch.  It feels so good to be able to eat in peace.  I don’t have to keep repeating to the kids how to hold their cutlery or to close their mouth when they are eating!  I can just tuck in and really enjoy the food on offer.  Bliss!

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