Creating a Spa Experience at Home

spa experience

Lots of people I know seem to be off to luxurious hotels for spa weekends. Especially now it’s the run up to Valentines! Sadly, my budget is a bit more restrictive, so I need to create a spa experience at home. Rather than be jealous of other people’s plans though I am keeping positive. It’s amazing what you can create at home, with a few nice products and a bit of preparation.

Make Sure You Have No Interruptions

Wait until the kids are in bed and turn off your phone. Put a do not disturb sign up on the bathroom door so everyone gets the hint that this is your time. You need to truly relax and unwind, so no messages or phone calls. You don’t want constant interruptions taking away your feeling of calm and tranquillity! It’s not selfish to carve out an hour to yourself every now and then and you will feel all the better for it!

Set Up the Bathroom

Think about how the room looks. Make sure its clean and tidy! I like having wall boards like the ones on Bathing Solutions as they are easy to maintain. We don’t seem to get on well with tiles they always manage to look dirty quite quickly! Grout doesn’t stay white for long. Spa’s are always spotlessly clean.

You can see the colour of the shower boards we have gone for in my renovation post about our new ensuite. I am so glad we are getting rid of tiles with each new bathroom we install!

After a deep clean add candles and play some relaxing music. Something peaceful to have on in the background! In my case mainly so I can’t hear the kids knocking on the door asking for drinks of water or requesting a chat about their day when they SHOULD be sleeping!

The Countess Walk-in Shower has a seat that can also be used as a shelf!  So you can store all your spa essentials there and keep them close to hand!

Don’t forget the little details

spa experience cucumber water

Make up a pitcher of cucumber water! It’s a popular detox drink so whilst you bathe enjoy a refreshing glass or two. It’s very healthy too. Don’t forget our bodies mistake thirst for hunger so you might eat less if you keep hydrated! If you get desperate you can always nibble on the cucumber anyway! Make sure you have a fluffy bath robe too and nice thick towels! It’s all about setting the right mood.

Start off with a Face Mask

You could try making your own face mask. This article has lots of suggestions about which ingredients would work great with your skin. It’s not complicated to make your own face mask and you might find you already have everything you need to get started already! Milk, yoghurt, honey, oats and avocado are all popular choices. Honey has antibacterial properties so its perfect for my acne prone skin!

Pick Out Some Essential Oils

spa experience

Stock up on some essential oils so you can recreate the smell of a spa. Lavender is great for your mental health and lemon is very calming. Essential oils aren’t very expensive to buy, so pick out some that make you feel better. Experiment with which ones work well together.

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