Office Décor Hacks You Must Incorporate In 2019


Office interiors demand sophistication and an upgraded look, especially if you have clients visiting.  How your office looks can have a big impact on your reputation and your staff.

Providing employees with a proper working environment is extremely important  You can hire a professional to renovate if you lack confidence.  Alternatively you can make changes according to your own taste and preferences.  Staff spend a lot of their time in work and so deserve comfortable surroundings.  It can help reduce staff turnover when they feel looked after and appreciated in a well organised office.

Some of the main criteria to keep in mind in while restructuring an office interior are as follows:

1. How Easy is it to Keep Clean?

This is an important question you need to ask.  When thinking about the arrangement of your office its important to make choices that are ultimately easy to keep clean.  You need to ensure that the office is hygienic.  Be it a cubical or a private office, it should become a priority that the working space is well kept. A clean office is more attractive and better organised. The buildup of the documents and old papers can make the office look crowded, archive wherever possible. Dust can also give allergies to the employees and create an obstruction in their work.  At the end of the day using antibacterial wipes to wipe down surfaces which can minimize the spread of germs.  Employees sharing the same desk should give even more emphasis on cleanliness as they share a singular space.  This moves on nicely to point 2.

2. Create space for others

While surviving in the same space and under the same roof one should not be selfish in their approach.  Some staff get a little carried away with personal belongings.  Yes by all means keep a photo of your loved ones on your desk.  But don’t bring a whole family of soft toys to work!  This I have seen, some people really do get carried away.  You want to help create a place for others to work. I get that your office is your own place of work.  However working space should not be occupied with too much unnecessary belongings. There should be a list of stationary and table requirements for every employee.  Otherwise the office can soon become cluttered and as a consequence be harder to keep clean.

3. Conference rooms and visitors lounge

office conference room

If your office does not have a visitor’s lounge, you should incorporate one. Space needs to be well-organized and tastefully decorated.  Visitors come to the company ready to do business with you.  You don’t want the look of your office to go against future business transactions.  The visitors should be seated in an appropriate place which is in the exterior of the main working area.  That way you can really make the visitors space stand out!  Clients visiting might make negative assumptions about your core values if the visitors space is lacking.  Think of making it as visually appealing and inviting as possible.

4. Partition with slits

The recent and the new upgraded office structures do not have any permanent walls for partitioning. This is done to simplify renovation. Buildings of concrete walls are more costly and time consuming. On the other hand this is a much easier task.  Plus it helps make the office more airy and open.  All of which can help  boost employee morale. Partition slits can also be removed whenever required if you decide the layout needs to change according to the demands of the business.  It is a much more creative way to alter the office dynamics.

5. Use artificial materials

If your office location keeps changing using artificial materials for renovation is probably cheaper in the long run. They are cost effective and reduce the efforts of renovation. If your flooring becomes dull and you do not want to spend much in the restructuring, you can easily make use of felted tiles. These tiles are easily available and durable. You could also consider the use of custom felt wall panel. These panels are water proof and quickly help you change the office outlook. Decorating the office with felt hanging panels is a recent trend. A black felt wall covering can add character and personality to your rooms.  Additionally the colours don’t fade so your office looks better for longer!

6. Let’s add a pinch of nature

office plants

It’s a good idea to make the office nature-friendly.  Adding plants has lots of advantages.  They have been seen to reduce stress levels and increase productivity.  Staff that are happy in their workplace are generally more invested in your company.  Apparently plants also make people think differently, they engage in more creative pursuits!  This is a great idea if you want your staff to think outside the box!

7. Lighting should be good

People spend a considerable time in the office working. Their comfort should be taken care of. The working area should be brightly lighted. If you can move furniture in your office to allow sit staff next to natural light you should make that change.  People working already strain their eyes to their work. If their working area is not lit with adequate light, it will decrease the employee morale.  Access to natural light has been shown to improve staff well being and performance.

8. A Staff Break Room

Employees are essential for the effective functioning of the workplace. Therefore it is essential that their interests are taken care of.  I have touched on some of this above, like natural lighting and making sure work spaces are clutter free.  You can also go that bit further and provide employees with somewhere to rest too.  A well equipped canteen and rest room would work wonders for morale.

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