Five Improvements That Help You Sell Your House Quickly

sell your house quickly

My in-laws have just sold their house.  Fortunately for them it wasn’t on the market for very long.  Some houses seem to take forever to sell.  It must be so frustrating when your eager to move and you don’t seem to be getting any interest in your property.  If you want to sell your house quickly do read on, some of the improvements below might make a difference.  You don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune either some of the suggestions just require a bit of elbow grease!

Replacing the Windows

It’s a good idea getting double glazing installed from a site like glazing can make a big difference to noise levels.  Some streets can be very busy, so decent windows go a long way to soundproofing against traffic sounds.  You want to minimise noise as much as possible as it can be very off putting for viewers.  If you can’t afford to replace your windows, then try and offer viewings at quieter times of the day.

Tidy Up

You don’t always have to spend much for a quick sale.  Just making sure the place looks tidy improves things no end.  Make sure you have a serious de-clutter, it will make things easier when you come to move anyway.  You want to show the prospective buyers how much space there is.  Even if its just the illusion of space you want those viewing to see how much potential the house has.

Repaint the Walls

sell your house quickly

Give the walls a fresh lick of paint to cover marks and general wear and tear.  Plus, if you are going to repaint think about your colour choices.  Neutral colours help a house sell quicker.  Viewers like a blank canvas that they can add their own personality too.

Stage Your House

Think about all the little details like laying the table for dinner.  Those preparations make the house look more enticing.  You want to showcase all the best bits of the house.

Also make sure the house smells nice.  Apparently some smells make a house more desirable to buyers.  The article said that the smells that came top of the survey were bread, coffee, clean laundry, fresh flowers and open fire.

Certain smells can put people off with pets being top of the list.  So, if you have a pet make sure you vacuum all your furnishings and wash all your cushion covers and blankets.  Baking soda is a great odour remover so sprinkle it liberally around the place.

Outside Space

Mow the lawn so it looks more appealing.  Add some hanging baskets for a splash of colour.

Curb appeal is a big part of selling your house.  First impressions really do count and a potential buyer could be put off before they even enter the door otherwise.  Think about parking, move your car so they have room to park easily.  You don’t want viewers to think its hard to park on your street even if it can be at times.  You want everything to be as hassle free for them as possible.

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