Why Booking a Cruise is the Easiest Way to See the World?

I often think about how many holidays I can fit into my lifetime.  I love travel.  But we are lucky if we manage one holiday abroad a year.  With this approach we don’t really expand our horizons very much!  Booking a cruise is the easiest way to see the world.  During one holiday you get to visit so many different destinations.

I literally love ticking off countries I have been too.  Keeping a mental checklist of where I have visited.  However I keep meaning to get a big map of the world and adding those little pin flags travellers use.

booking cruise to see the world

For me booking a cruise is something I have wanted to do for a long time.  I think it’s the fastest way of getting myself lots of destinations ticked off!  You can’t have the same quick succession when you book a holiday to a Greek Island for seven days.

I would love to think of myself as well travelled but I don’t think my few package holidays would earn me that title.  Yes, I have been to a few parts of Europe (Spain, France, Greece, Holland, Belgium and Finland) and the USA three times.  But I still feel like I am missing out and it’s going to take forever if I only do one destination each year!

cruise travel world

More Variety With A Cruise Holiday

There is so much of the world I have yet to see, so much history I want to soak up and lots of cobbled pathways I want to explore.  If we wanted to enjoy a Mediterranean cruise we would be able to discover the most picturesque parts of the Mediterranean.  When you head to one destination, I find a week can be a long time.  Unless you explore further afield your options are limited.  You tend to follow the same schedule, visit to the pool, a walk around the resort and back for the evening entertainment.  You might find a few little gems where you are staying but at the end of the day you don’t have the same variety a cruise would offer.

booking a cruise

My husband fancies the sound of an Arctic cruise he has wanted to visit Iceland for a long time.  I would be happy enough to join him if he booked one in the warmer months.  I crave warmth so whatever cruise I booked would need to be bathed in sunshine!

A Cruise Can Work Out More Economical

It can work out more economical booking a cruise as you see lots of different sights you have always wanted to without the need to book separate holidays for each place.  I am sure we all have a bucket list of places we are desperate to visit.  So why not try and find a cruise that will incorporate more of your plans.  Cruises are surprisingly affordable but do make sure you check out all the details that can raise the cost like drinks packages.  If like me you’re not a big drinker, you could even stick to tea and coffee and upgrade your cabin instead!

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