Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Exploding Kittens Review & Giveaway

Exploding Kittens (despite its name!) is actually quite a family friendly game, for anyone aged 7+! 

My two really enjoyed it, its very strategic, you have to think carefully what card you want to play.

It's worth matching pairs and stealing a card from another player hoping you get more of the most useful ones (like defuse!). Basically you need to do everything you can to avoid getting an exploding kitten, if you do and you don't have a defuse card its GAME OVER.  If you do have a defuse card its amusing placing the exploding kitten back in the pack for someone else to get!  Hopefully they can't defuse it or skip and BOOM they are out of the game, bringing you closer to victory!

It gets a little crazy when you have players stealing your cards or using nope cards to stop you in your tracks, meaning its still your turn (bah humbug!).  No two games are the same as it depends on the luck of the draw picking up decent cards.

I haven't managed to win yet but both the boys have, its quite a simple game to get the hang of, very self explanatory as the cards kind of explain themselves (they have instructions on them unless they are pair cards so you soon know what to do).  You have shuffle, attack, skip, favour, shuffle and see the future cards so plenty of choice when it comes to your chosen tactic to avoid exploding kittens.  It does get more challenging with other players playing the nope card, I think I didn't play this enough.

The images on the cards are quite amusing which add to the fun of the game, like deploying thousand year old back hair - yikes!!!

Another bonus is that its not a big box to take away with you if you want entertainment on the go.  If your familiar with the rules you could even just take the cards and leave the box at home, so even more portable on your travels.

If you would like to win your own Exploding Kittens game (RRP £19.99) please fill out the form below by the 12th of August.  If you don't win worry not you can pick up your own copy from Amazon.


  1. This game looks interesting - but must admit the title took me by surprise! lol

  2. It sounds soo bad...but looks soo good!

  3. The title put me off

  4. This looks like so much fun, my kids would love this! Also i think we've played uno to death now!

  5. This looks so much fun, my kids would love this! Also i think we've played uno to death!

  6. this game looks brilliant fun, but i have to comment on that video it was fantastic and so romantic

  7. Looks awesome, and almost as nuts as my girls !