Planning a Tropical Pool Party

pool party

The end of term is quickly approaching and I am thinking of having a bit of a celebration.  It’s been a busy year and the boys deserve a treat. I cannot believe eldest will move into his last year at primary school in September.  They are growing up far too quick so I want to have some fun memories to hang on to.  I am thinking something along the lines of a pool party.

Usually I approach the summer holidays with trepidation (the thought of keeping the boys entertained for 7 LONG weeks is exhausting!) but for one reason or another this year is different I am looking forward to having the boys home.

Mainly because when they are a school friends friendships come and go, some parents get a bit INTENSE (yes some kids can do no wrong, but naturally my kids are to blame sigh!) and I am looking forward to a complete break from all that DRAMA! We need to chill as a family, yes I will probably be pulling my hair out by the end of week 1 but at the moment I can be quietly optimistic.


The boys have a new paddling pool, which is huge, so I am thinking about a pool party to make the most of it!

Another day in the paddling pool 😀 lets hope this weather lasts x

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Maybe with a tropical theme, blow up flamingos, pineapple bunting and inflatable palm trees, keeping it very vibrant and colourful. I will probably chuck in a few fake parrots for good measure too.


I am not the best cook in the world, actually nowhere close; I burn toast so you get the idea. I don’t want to ruin the party spirit with my inedible offerings. I would instead approach a corporate catering company like Flavours catering to step in and save the day! Love their finger food menu, fresh fruit plates and mini burgers. My husband is a partner in a doctors surgery he so should use a company like this.  It would give the staff a real buzz to be spoilt to a proper buffet spread!

Drinks I will serve out of watermelons or pineapples so everyone feels they are in a tropical destination and not North Wales! Mocktails and fruit punch for the kids and something slightly stronger for the grownups.


Possibly Hawaiian grass skirts and floral Hawaiian Lies, we have a few of these already knocking around the house from a review for Nutmeg clothing, so they are inspiring me. How cute does my dog look wearing one.  Nutmeg also gave me some other fab props, cardboard sunglasses and ice creams all of which can be utilised for this party.

pool party


Steel drums from the Caribbean, reggae and calypso music would transport me to sunnier climes. I can feel myself unwinding and getting ready for SUMMER listening to these tunes.


Only our nearest and dearest, I keep my social circle small these days. But would let the boys pick out a couple of friends of their choosing too and hubbie might invite some work colleagues.

Just keep your fingers crossed the weather holds so I can pull of my tropical end of term party!

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