Traditional Gingerbread House Kit Review

It was very exciting when we opened the package from
Lakeland and saw the box. We were going
to build our very first Gingerbread house. 
I think its somewhat of a childhood rite of passage to help build one of
these. But being busy parents we would
never have managed to do it from scratch. 
So having a set of pre-baked gingerbread all shaped ready, just needing
the icing to slot into position ready for decorating, was perfect.

was very easy to build and lots of fun to decorate. All the pieces together make it look very authentic. I was impressed by how much is included in
the pack for the £11.99 purchase price. 
There were the sturdy gingerbread walls and roof of course but also
sweets, hundreds and thousands, the powdered sugar (which you can add egg white
and lemon juice to for the snow effect and as the “glue” for construction) and
the detailed edible characters.

Boys really enjoyed the decorating, although am surprised we had enough sweets
to do it, as they kept taste tasting them! 
It took all their restraint to let the finished article icing set, but
it was a great incentive to get them to eat their dinner.

think for the price it is a very worthwhile purchase, in the run up to
Christmas it would definitely help get into the spirit of it all. It made me nostalgic of my own childhood and
how excited I used to get over the build up towards the big day! The entertainment of making the gingerbread
house and the visual appeal of it was certainly helping create special lasting
memories, whilst Christmas still holds so much magic for them!

I bet your all wondering about the taste, well I would have gladly paid that
price just for the enjoyment of the activity alone, so the fact the gingerbread
is delicious was a huge bonus! I
thought I would have to grudgingly eat some to admire my boys handiwork, well
it was so nice I think I overdid it… it took all our willpower to put some away
for another day!!!

As you can see youngest would have happily chomped the lot given half a chance:

find out more head over to Lakeland

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