Our trip to Chester Zoo

We spent a very enjoyable afternoon at Chester Zoo, we did
have to keep up the pace to get round the Zoo in time, as we could not arrive
any earlier as we got caught up in traffic after our review holiday to Sand Le Mere.



The Zoo is vast, so involved lots
of walking for the little legs with us, we did take advantage of a trip on the
monorail and the waterbus just to sit down and have a little rest. Both came with a small additional charge (£2
each for adults and £1.50 for children) but one we gladly paid just to have a
break from the relentless speed walk!



Being the largest Zoo in the UK, I do recommend
you arrive when it opens to make the most of what it has to offer and it is
really rewarding knowing that everything you buy in the Zoo is helping towards protecting
animals from extinction (maybe I should have felt extra virtuous and had two
ice creams not just one!!!).



last time we visited Chester Zoo, hubbie and I were newly dating and all loved
up, I do not think we did the Zoo justice as we were too busy swooning over
each other! So it was lovely to go back
and take it all in. The dinosaur
exhibits amazed the boys, youngest was slightly nervous of them (some are quite
big and noisy) but he found his courage and insisted we went round again.



boys enjoyed lots of silly photo opportunities that are dotted around the Zoo, which
are perfect for creating lasting memories.
They especially enjoyed being tortoises! I did not attempt to get in one, in case I got stuck…



was a very educational experience for us all, lots of informative signs telling
us about the animals, what they like to eat and other interesting facts. The boys liked finding a little park to play
in and again it was nice to watch them play for a little while and then resume
animal spotting.



braved the bat cave as a family, but luckily we did not have any land on our
heads. Am impressed with youngest as I
thought he would outright refuse to go in, but on condition he wore his hood
and I carried him he was willing to try it out!


you to Superbreak for the opportunity to review this fantastic attraction. I love their site it is so easy to navigate
and find the perfect accommodation to complement visits such as this one to
Chester Zoo.

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