Halloween Recommendations

starting to look like Halloween in our house already; we have kindly been sent
lots of samples from a number of different companies. I am hosting a mini party on Halloween itself. Hubbie has been practising what he intends
to bake, with marzipan modelling in earnest.

has surprised me in all the samples we have been sent is the huge diverse range
of decorations, outfits and treats to really make Halloween a special
occasion. Also it’s fortunately not
something that might cause a fright for your bank manager because there are lots
of affordable options available, kitting out your house and children for
Halloween is actually much cheaper than you first think!


particularly liked the Be Seen at Halloween reflective stickers £2. I think these are a great idea and perfect
to keep children safer in the dark, when they are going door to door in the
hope of a tasty morsel! It is very
important when wearing dark costumes that vehicles can see our precious

fake scars for £1 are quite good for some comedy gory moments, quite easy to
stick direct onto your skin. Or even to
add to party bags if you want your guests to leave with something other than
yet more sweets!

foil garland and bunting at £1 each mean you can soon get a room looking set
for the occasion. If you want to spend
a little more I would recommend the Pumpkin Piñata, least then the kiddies
actually have to earn their treats and all that pumpkin bashing might burn off
some of their manic sugar rush energy…


were sent a selection of treats and a fabulous orange monster bucket to contain
them. Key to successful trick a
treating is ensuring an ample sized container is carried at all times…

were quite fond of the Strawberry laser pop; this had a projecting bat image,
so was quite fun to put on walls or when they are out in the dark trick or
treating it might help steady their nerves if they are afraid of the dark. My eldest was so impressed with the torch
element; he is yet to figure out it actually contains a fruit flavour lolly

Halloween crackers were quite a novelty. 
Come Christmas I love the ceremony of pulling crackers and have always
done so, but why limit it to that occasion! 
For any party or to add to party bags, these can be an entertaining

I was very impressed with the outfit we received from them, my son looked very dapper as Dracula, the costume normally costs £10. The trousers are pinstriped, the detailing with the bats and the jewel, make for a very authentic vampire experience! I cannot believe the quality is so good for a very reasonable price. I do not understand why I usually head for a fancy dress website first, when supermarkets are doing such great deals on items like this.


you realise Chocolate fingers also come in a limited edition Toffee Apple
flavour?!? Ocado stock them. When the
samples arrived I was so excited, but with much reluctance I am under strict
orders to save the box until the day itself so my friends can try too. It is looking at me now as I type though…
what I do for friendship!

had another container to carry treats, but this one actually glows in the
dark! Handy for keeping a close eye on
your sweet collection… the good thing is once you have bought a bucket you can
just bring them out year in year out, I do love how each year though they seem
to be getting a little bigger. I wonder
in a few years if I will be carrying a cauldron round for them!

carving tools and stencil pack looks particularly useful! As when we bought tools in the past there
was no guide, you just improvised! Am
looking forward to making something quite impressive with this pack. You shall see if we succeed next Wednesday.


hubbie showed considerable talent achieving the marzipan modelling worms and
eyeballs for our practise run for the party. But if you want your cakes to look fabulous but you do not have
the time or the inclination to get creative, a cupcake kit is the way to

Although it looks as if everyone had
that exact same thought as they have disappeared off their site now! So my next recommendation would be these
funny trick or treat skeleton cupcake holders. 
More of a luxury Halloween party item, but nonetheless if you have the
budget, it would definitely set the scene. With the three for two offer on now, your money would stretch further anyway!


I do love this shop, but I still have an annoying habit of querying the prices. I am gobsmacked that things really are £1, you could go in with £10 and fill a basket quite nicely. Some of the items might not be quite as long lasting as other shops, but at those prices, even if they only last one Halloween, you feel you have had a bargain. There is lots to pick from you can just buy a couple of bits to improvise, like the devil wings and masks we are wearing.

For tablewear £1 for the plates AND napkins is very exciting! In our supermarket I paid over double that for just some plain white plates for our Sylvanian party but these have a ghost and a Booo! motif (and did I say napkins too! Oh yes I did, but really what a good buy!!!). I also see they have plenty more on their website, sulking slightly that Poundland is too far away to get some last minute supplies for Halloween… (if you have one near you, you are very blessed!).

More to follow tomorrow… time to hit the hay! Sweet dreams of Halloween bargains for you all.

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