Halloween Cupcakes

honour of all things scary and creepy we needed the cakes to send a shiver down
the spine of anyone munching on them! 
So hubbie got creative with the help of Lily Vanilli’s book “A Zombie
Ate My Cupcake”. With the party descending
on us shortly, preparations needed to be under way. Although the actual cake making will happen in earnest Wednesday
morning, the design needed to be ready for mass production! We do have at least eight hungry children
attending, plus some parents (and my healthy appetite for all things cake!).

is how he made these beauties:

follow a Halloween cupcakes recipe

make up some butter icing

for the detailing

marzipan for the worms and pink food colouring (use a knife to mark out the
wormy sections!)

eyes are uncoloured marzipan, blue icing and black icing

if you’re not lucky enough to have such an illustrative book (with even Zombie hands
cake included!!!) then you can of course scour the Internet for
inspiration. Halloween baking recipes are all over the place but if you know where to
go you can find some works of genius.

hubbie is so good at baking even the creepy eyes and pink worms would not put
me off eating his Halloween cupcakes! I
would just chuck it in whole and then concentrate on the taste…

I wonder what other Halloween recipes I can give him a nudge to reproduce before Halloween, perhaps I should pretend to be displeased with the finished result, so he goes back to the drawing board and I get to eat more tester cakes (hmmm now I could be on to something!). I think batch two will require some red food colouring off the eye ball to make it more dramatic!

The boys will be so excited to see these in the morning… I wonder if hubbie will try and convince them that they are real garden worms when he gobbles one down in front of them!

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