Micro Scooters Review

We were very kindly sent a Union Jack Mini (£59.95) and
Union Jack Maxi (£97.95) Micro scooter to review. We have definitely been putting them through their paces the last
few weeks, as the boys insist on taking them to school and home again most days
(along with any excuse the rest of the time!). 
It is definitely making tired little leg complaints a thing of the past,
youngest has not moaned for a carry as much either, he seems to have more energy
scooting along! Thankfully this is also
great for mummy’s sanity and my poor hips! 
He is far too big to be carried anymore!

Youngest was thrilled with his new scooter (obviously when scooting outside wear shoes!)

The scooters were very easy to build as they clicked into
place in the matter of seconds. They
are very lightweight, so easy to carry, when inevitably youngest decides he has
had enough of scooting. I was getting
sympathetic looks of people on carrying them home after dropping the boys at
school, until I pass the scooters to them and they saw for themselves how light
they actually are, everyone is always pleasantly surprised.

They did already have scooters but much cheaper ones and
they lacked the manoeuvrability (and style) of the Micro scooters. They feel like quality products, with sturdy
handlebars and impressive wheels. My
dad was quick to run down their previous scooters but he is in awe of these new
ones. I caught him holding up the Mini
and admiring it from all angles… my dad very much believes you get what you pay
for and the Micro definitely passes muster. He also approves of all the fresh air they are getting, enjoying showing off their fancy new scooters.

Youngest loves his little bag to carry his favourite bits
and bobs (and we use it to carry his fruit for school). Eldest likewise uses his drinks bag for
carrying items, a few toys and his fruit! 
It is a novelty having a scooter like this, as there old ones had
nothing like this. My youngest has his
birthday in a few months and I am eyeing up the Lion Zooter (a cover to go over
the scooter which doubles as a cool puppet!).

Micro Scooters seem very safety conscious included in the box was a safety poster, which I found handy to go through with my boys. Good to make them aware of the importance of wearing a helmet, appropriate footwear and avoiding hazards.

Youngest had a habit leaning forward and tipping the
scooter over (I thought perhaps he was overloading his little bag but has since
done it with the bag empty). So after
reading more of the accompanying leaflet I realised he is actually over the
load capacity for the Mini already. 
Bless him he is a stocky chap all set for dominating the rugby
pitch. So for his birthday we will also
be getting him a Maxi scooter! I have
decided this year to get better presents and save on parties as I would rather
get them something made to last.

You can order from the website. Perfect for Christmas, then you can stuff their stockings with the fabulous range of accessories!

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