Frankie and Benny’s Cocktail Menu

Sometimes reviewing can be slightly tedious trying to
come up with new and interesting ways to say something is “nice”… well when it
comes to Frankie and Benny’s I had no such problem! What a joy to have my pick of the cocktail menu, for hubbie and I
to enjoy two cocktails each (and a delicious meal and dessert!).

Hubbie was driving so I thought his virgin
cocktails would have been wasted on him and I would have been better off having
four for myself! Although I probably would
have passed out if I had drunk that many! But I was surprised by how nice the Gentle Breeze was. I could have happily drunk them and still
felt part of the cocktail crew, if you were a designated driver or pregnant,
you could still enjoy the delicious flavours without the hangover the next day! Priced at £2.95 they are the cheaper option too.

I went for the Apple-tini (£4.95), with vodka, apple schnapps,
pressed apple juice and gingerbread syrup. 
It was actually quite pleasant and perfect for the cooling weather and
gearing up for Christmas. I thought it
was quite festive with the gingerbread element and a nice warming
kick! It had been feeling cold and on
arrival there, I had been shivering, cocktails soon gave me a warm glow!

My second choice was the Strawberry Shortcake (£4.95) from the frozen section! This was beautifully presented and my cocktail did get a few admiring glances from other diners. With the Disaronno Amaretto it tasted of marzipan, which was quite enjoyable and of course the Strawberry liqueur blended with strawberries and cream was very indulgent. Being frozen it took longer to drink than my first choice, but that left me more time to really savour it!

There are plenty to choose from. If your tempted find a restaurant near you and relax and sip
cocktails like a star out of an episode of Sex in the City. I am sure I will be back again soon, I have a few more I want to try…

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