Christmas 2012

was a lovely relaxing affair, no illnesses for us thankfully this year. Even though more than half of the town were
ailing so we were very lucky to avoid joining them… sickness bugs, temperatures and even chicken pox were in full

The boys all set for Santa’s arrival!

presents were a mixed bunch in terms of success. The chocolate coin maker is a royal pain in the rear, fiddly
pieces and you can only set four coins at a time, so lots of time spent waiting
about, to create all of two coins each when you have two boys sharing the set…
(A present not to be recommended, but I guess Santa cannot get it right all of
the time!).

craft bits and bobs went down well, the foil art set was perfect, a chance to
be creative without any mess! The face
painting went down a treat, who needs new makeup for Christmas when you end up
looking like this:

had a shaving bath set (Alex Rub a Dub Shaving in the Tub bath toy)
and a colouring set (Artist in a tub
painting set), which has made bath time much more enjoyable for them both. Eldest looks so sweet copying daddy shaving
with his little razor and tiny mirror and foam. Youngest meanwhile is being quite artistic and the bath has never
looked so colourful!

eldest had a right face on him when he set eyes on a ladies boots box from
nanny and granddad, luckily when he opened it he discovered more of his much
loved Skylanders.

dinner I said to the boys, I cannot possibly eat anymore I might explode, they
had fear in their eyes, mummy do not eat anymore, we do not want you to
explode… bless them!

cute do they look in their new onesies they had off a good friend of mine.

you all had a lovely Christmas

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