Silentnight Helping Me Sleep

I participated in a sleep accessories survey for
Silentnight and they assigned me with a pair of bed socks to see if my sleep
would be improved. I used to sleep so
well pre-children, but once they stir, I find it so hard to get comfortable and
drift back to sleep again. I start to
fidget, my feet hang out of the bed getting cold, and I look at the clock far
too many times and beg for sleep to take me into its restorative folds! It comes as no real surprise my blog is
called Missing Sleep.

bed socks were not any ordinary socks though; they were from The White Company,
very soft and comfy cashmere ones. I
did feel slightly spoilt, as the bed socks I remember fondly as a child were
very cheap. But I could get used to
this luxury, hubbie is blanching over my new expensive taste!

allowing I do feel they have improved my sleep, when the boys have been awake
and I have attended to them in the night (repeatedly as chicken pox and a viral
infection concurrently is no walk in the park may I add!) I feel I have gone
back to sleep considerably faster. I do
not wake up with freezing feet as hubbie has hogged the bedding AGAIN!

my fever has not been a deterrent to wear them, I know I should take them off
to reduce my temperature, but they seem to remind me of calmer times in my
childhood, when my great Aunty lived by the recuperative benefits of a pair of bed
socks (she was also partial to those super stretchy magic gloves, I am sure she
was ahead of her times bless her!).

bed socks are definitely part of my new bedtime routine, that and trying to
relax and empty my mind before I tuck into bed. It will be interesting to see how other people who completed the
survey get on as there was the opportunity to see if eye masks, pillow spray,
ear plugs (tempting not to hear the kids lol!) and iphone sleep aid apps


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