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were sent a lovely book to get crafty with the kids, Creative Creatures. This is a
good book to be inspired to make something a little different. The book is colourful, informative and
everything is easy to follow. Having
said that I still chose to blog about one of the easier designs ha! After all the pouts of sickness in the
family, I was not in the mood for us to be challenged too much. But the book has plenty for all skill levels
(Donna Wilson is obviously very talented!), so you can really learn some useful
ways to entertain the kids with this.

When we feel ready to face the sewing, there are some
handy tips at the beginning of the book. 
I do want us to get to that point eventually as Donna Wilson makes the
cutest knitted creatures (which you see dotted around the book). Visually the book is very appealing and when
I finally convince hubbie I am deserving of a new phone then I definitely want to make one of the Mitten Kitten’s phone cosy’s to keep it tucked away safe.

Cyril’s pop-up card

For this activity you will need yellow A4 card, blue, green and white, paper or card, scissors, glue, sticky tape, pencil, tracing paper, orange card and black pen. As we usually have heaps of glue and paper in I was hopeful we could manage this task!

Use glue in moderation! Am still trying to teach youngest the merits of this philosophy…

You make some little blue and green mountains then attach them to the bottom of the yellow card (eldest cut out these but he did not want to pose for a picture!).

You then make a nose for Cyril using the template at the back of the book (another handy included feature that makes crafting a little easier!).

Then you cut out the Cyril shape and secure his little pointy nose into slits you make on his face.

He is then ready to be glued on to the card (cue much joy off youngest getting a chance to use yet more glue!). You can also add speech bubbles with a message, making it a unique idea for birthdays, admiring the 3D nose as soon as you open your card!

Viola! The end result:

A little top heavy on the glue, but I love it!

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