Journey Up The Mountain

Sometimes you wake up and you crave the great outdoors and
making the most of the natural beauty in the area.

It was time to tackle a mountain with the boys, we had yet to
take on the ambitious challenge, as I was convinced they would want to go too
close to the edge…

we packed a picnic and we all set off on our trip. The track was very hard going, lots of the stone steps where
loose or missing but hubby had the boys distracted with honing their tracking
skills and gradually we made our way to the top!

was complaining that his legs hurt and he couldn’t go on but somehow we reached
the summit! I am so impressed as
usually he finds it hard walking anywhere for long and begs for a carry
(seriously my poor hips cannot take anymore!), so hopefully he can build up his
stamina if we make it a regular event.

we had our picnic we spotted a few sheep perilously sunning themselves on the
rocky cliffs – we had to reinforce the fact that these sheep where professional
(and sure-footed) to keep eldest and youngest from venturing closer to the

boys loved the walk; they found some old ruins and some caves, which was quite

the walk lasted two hours it was decided ice cream and doughnuts were in order,
so all those calories I burnt sadly got put straight back on…

2 thoughts on “Journey Up The Mountain

  1. Aw you look so cute in your mountaineering gear, sounds like a great day and dont feel bad about the donuts and ice cream ^^

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