LeapPad 2 Apps Review

are very fond of our LeapPad 2, it has been dropped a fair few times and is
still going strong. My friend dropped
her brand new tablet she had for Christmas and its screen is now smashed! Whereas children like nothing more than
throwing things on purpose never mind by accident! So I am definitely happy to recommend the durability of this

LeapPad 2 is great for taking on holiday; usually we pack books, films and
board games as fillers for the little bit of down time in the evenings. My feet end up squished into the car as we
only have a little one and we have to use every available space! But instead we just plan to take the LeapPad
2 from now on; my boys have wildlife programmes and Diego to enjoy, books to
read and plenty of fun games to keep them occupied – hopefully it will see a
return to me travelling in comfort.

boys have played apps on hubbie’s phone before, but I do not like how they end
up getting access to the internet and before you know they are clicking all
over the place. We thought we had
downloaded suitable games for them without adverts etc but they have somehow found themselves at the google play store spending our money more than once! Fortunately if they are playing on their
LeapPad 2 I can rest assured that only appropriate content is available to

are some apps which have the seal of approval from the Missing Sleep boys.

T-Rex Rush £7.50

A fun colourful educational
game that helps with mathematical capability (counting, subtracting and
addition) and hand-eye coordination. 
Trying to run fast and avoid all the obstacles can be quite tricky along
with roaring and charging as required! 
We are all impressed with the tilting action to move T-Rex from side to

Stretchy Monkey £7.50

Entertaining game playing a
cheeky monkey collecting fruit for his family, but still with educational
applications, matching patterns as you reach the top of the tree (watch out for
tickling spider and flying parrot obstacles!). 
Also I am ever hopeful that seeing how keen the monkey is to collect fruit
the boys themselves might be more enthusiastic to eat fruit generally! BAM POW they shout when they reach for the fruit bowl at home!

Splurgle £7.50

A handy game to learn the
properties of water (steam and ice) as you make your way through the maze,
tilting the LeapPad to manoeuvre. Good
for children to start thinking about basic science principles. Eldest enjoyed this game so much he has already
completed it! He soon got the hang of
heating water so he could rise up to go round obstacles or turning himself into
an ice block by lowering the temperature.

Busy Builder £5

Solving puzzles and earning
badges were the highlights for eldest, moving the vehicles to let the cement
mixer reach its destination. The levels
progress in difficulty so it is quite a mental workout; you also have the
challenge of completing it in a certain number of moves to get full stars. My boys love anything to do with vehicles
and building, so this was a popular choice for them.

Number Bash £7.50

Action packed game with lots
of bashing of blocks to protect the world from aliens! All the while letting your children improve
their maths. I like seeing them play
maths games as we have spent a lot of time reading and writing but little doing
sums and solving problems.

You can see the full range
of Leapfrog apps on their website. Keep
an eye out for special offers, one ended yesterday; there was a buy three apps
get one free deal, which really helps make it more affordable.

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