The Box of Shocks Review and Competition

a great set to get ready for April Fool’s day. 
Youngest especially loved playing the trickster! We had a carpenter in the house and even he
had to have a demonstration or two. The
poor man could not get on with fitting our floor in peace; it was shock after
shock for him. He had the good grace to
look thrilled by the performance, which made my little one beam from ear to

though it’s a set designed for 8+, younger children will have a surprising
enthusiasm for the contents of the box. 
There was a good selection of thirteen tricks all for Β£19.99. The instructions are easy enough to follow.

was fond of the snake can, he does not tire of putting it back in the can and
offering the next unsuspecting person a crisp!!!

Spider Box was another he quite enjoyed; he liked saying magic words after
placing something inside and watching a person’s surprise when out comes a

Daddy showed some concern when I said let him show you the pen trick, he looked panic stricken about pen on his new shirt! I was like just see what happens…

He was most relieved when the mark disappeared back into the pen on elastic!

Hubbie then did the pen through the hand trick and grimaced like he was in genuine pain…

children love being the center of attention (and possibly the daddies too!) and this set lets them really
perform for the audience. I am just
glad I had an idea what to expect, as I think I would have had a few more grey
hairs otherwise (with spiders jumping out and snakes firing at me!).

For stockists visit or call 01506 855577

you would like to win a set to enjoy then please fill out the rafflecopter
below by the 24th of March.
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103 thoughts on “The Box of Shocks Review and Competition

  1. My kids adore practical jokes – would love this (although even if they managed to surprise me the first time I would have to be "surprised" by the same thing another 20 or so times!

  2. My son loves to lie if that counts. He loves telling stories as an excuse to do something he's not allowed. For example school forbids chewing gum but he told me and the teachers that he found a pack of gum and was planning to hand it in but his hands slipped and the gum flew into the air and as he looked up, one landed straight into his mouth. He then said he doesn't like to waste food.

  3. yes and it gets worse as they get older. My youngest are still fairly innocent in their pranks, but my preteen is a demon trickster. So far she has managed to convince me she got her nose pierced, and that she dyed her hair brunette!

  4. Of course! Never miss an opportunity to put the frighteners up me or make me look ever so slightly (or a lot!) daft!

  5. My daughter loves a visit to the joke shop & has amassed quite a collection of spiders, snakes, false teeth & even fake vomit & poo …. These seem to evoke the best reactions, so naturally are her faves!

  6. Yes they do, in fact the whole family likes to trick everyone! There can be a lot of laughs in our house!

  7. My 7 year old son is such a wee prankster and is always tricking me and his sisters…he would be in his element with a set like this πŸ™‚ x

  8. yes my 2 boys latest is leaving little plastic spiders inside the toilet roll so when you pull it they shoot out at you πŸ™‚

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