The Magic Tooth Fairy Review and Competition

was not sure what my boys would make of this game; they did have initial
reservations upon clocking the very pink box!

But they were willing to put that to one side and give it a chance. I am so glad they did, as it was quite a fun
and enjoyable game to play. Neither of
my two have lost any teeth yet, but for eldest especially I know it’s only a
matter of time, all his friends have started having the odd tooth fall out…

game helped ease any concerns he might have had as it seems quite exciting now
to lose a tooth and have a visit from the tooth fairy. The game itself is quite simple to play, not
hugely educational but still a worthwhile purchase.

The boys enjoyed seeing the teeth turn into glittering gold coins
after placing them under the magic bed’s pillow. They were keen to keep playing to get another chance at it!

positively beamed when they saw the “magic” of tooth transformed to a

Hubbie was the only grumpy one,
but that was because he was desperate for a chance at the magic bed but the
dice was not on his side!

is aimed for children 5+ but my youngest who is 4 really liked playing it
too. I think it’s a good age to
introduce children to a game about the tooth fairy; it helps keep the magic
alive… Children grow up too fast these
days, so anything that keeps these lovely traditions alive is well worth

you only have boys do not feel you cannot give it a go, you will be surprised
how much they like it! Stockists’ information number is 01506 855577, or visit their website:

Bet your sorely tempted to get your own game (RRP £19.99) now but luckily I have one to giveaway, please fill out the rafflecopter below
by the 13th of May.

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64 thoughts on “The Magic Tooth Fairy Review and Competition

  1. Looks like such a fun game for little ones. I only ever got 20p from the tooth fairy, even if there was more than one tooth! Is she more generous these days?!

  2. my son is just loosing his milk teeth so this would be a great game for him and my daughter just loves faries so happy days all round.

  3. Aw this game looks fab !! The Tooth Fairy has been busy in our house after Sadie lost 3 teeth the other week :p x

  4. This would be such a fun game for my daughter. She has been talking about the tooth fairy a lot and asking when she will visit.

  5. Always on the lookout for new games to entertain my grandsons and this looks like a lot of toothy fun, lovely prize thank you

  6. OOh, my little girl would absolutely love this! She is obsessed with all things 'fairy', especially, at the moment, The Tooth Fairy!

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