TOMY New John Deere Range

two love playing farmers, youngest particularly as he has reliably informed me
that is what he plans to be when he grows up! 
So they were thrilled to be reviewing the new John Deere Monster Treads
(for those 3+) and pre-schoolers range from TOMY.

We were sent quite an epic selection. Youngest insisted on wearing his farmers cap
for the picture!

It was all I could do
to get him to pose for a quick picture before he was ripping the boxes apart to
get at the toys. He was very
animated! Usually he will wait whilst I
open boxes, but he was getting stuck in, wanting to get the vehicles out in a

boys have played with these quite regularly; we have had them in residence for
a fortnight now, so they have been very well tested in that time! Their enthusiasm has not worn off, they enjoy
playing with them as a set but other toys they already own have also enjoyed having little rides
in the trailer and being integrated into farm life…

sure what farmers would make of the chicken driving a tractor but anything
seems to go when my two play! I love
how they always bring their own take on how they interact with new toys. They especially enjoyed adding some
realistic sounds with the Monster Treads Lights & Sounds Tractor (SRP
£9.99), helped with the farm atmosphere and imaginative play.

had them playing outside in the glorious sunshine today, you can just about
make out the toys in our overgrown grass (take note hubbie dearest I would like
to see some mowing done soon!).

But these
are fun to play outside; the boys fed grass to their farm animals, enjoyed
bumpy tractor rides and filled the trailer with stones and mud.

toys are quite sturdy. The
pre-schoolers range is from 12+ months and they are perfect for that age group,
nice and chunky so easy for them to grip and manoeuvre. At this age onwards parents like to take
children to farm parks and meet the animals and sit in tractors, so its great
they can then return home and remember those special moments playing farm at

The Fun on the Farm Playset (SRP £34.99) is the ideal gift for
younger children as it comes with plenty for farm adventures. With vehicles, figures, animals and even
some fence (to keep the pesky goat away from the tomatoes!). Even though the pre-schoolers range is
pitched for littlies, my two boys aged 4 and almost 6 thought it was
fabulous. So at least you know you have
heaps of playability when you invest in one of these playsets.

For more information on any of these products please visit

also have a chance of winning their own set of TOMY’s Britains toys by entering the Britains Got Talent competition. Even more exciting the winner will be the
STAR of their 2014 consumer catalogue. 
WHOOP indeed, we got our entry in straight away. How proud a moment would it be seeing your
little one in a catalogue!!! Entries
close on the 1st of June.

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