A happy childhood

is still there on the to do list (along with having a Creepy Crawly party but
hubbie says it over our budget!). All
part of me trying to give the boys a rich and varied childhood, taking part in
lots of activities and experiences and hoping to fill their childhood with
lovely memories to cherish.

year we seem to have spent an awful lot on holiday accommodation so next year I
think we should cut back and consider buying a family tent like the ones found
at Decathlon. They look so roomy, the last thing I want is
us all crammed into something tiny. I
want there to be enough distance between the boys and me, so if the tantrums
start I can withdraw to a separate bedroom to re-group! With all the money we save on accommodation,
we could indulge in the finer things in life, like giant packs of marshmallows,
sausages from the butchers rather than the supermarket and a fancy head torch
(not sure why but I feel compelled to wear one but would make stumbling around
the campsite in the dark less of a problem!).

This is the closest we have got to owing anything resembling a tent! So obviously we could easily improve on our sun protector, the boys loved this so much though! So you can imagine how excited they would be if we added a family tent to our household.

My boys have experienced campfire cooking after our visit to National Trust Erddig, so least they have developed an essential skill ready for our big camp out!

part of being outdoors, fresh air on our face, we would have to look more
active I guess. So I shall invest in
some hiking boots to try and suggest I am in my element out camping (it might
complement the head torch quite nicely!) and we would need to bring along our
bikes. I had a look at Decathlon’s
kid’s bikes page, as our two have shot up and need something a bit bigger,
especially as we want to wean youngest off his stabilisers. A few children in his year have managed to
get rid of them, so I know he wants to be like his friends. So we have another interesting stretch ahead
of us… (wish me luck!)

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