Character Options Doctor Who Review

was very excited we had some Doctor Who figures to review, am not sure where
his interest was coming from as he has yet to watch an episode – maybe it is
just inbuilt into children!

To be honest I do
not think he knows a thing about the show bless him! Eldest is slightly more clued up, he is six and has some Doctor
Who pyjama’s he enjoys wearing

crazy to think we are celebrating the 50th year of Doctor Who! It just goes to show the popularity of the
concept. Eldest was at school whilst we
got to grips with the items we were sent. 
I quite liked the figures but the Cold War Time Zone Playset drove me
slightly potty, it’s a 3D card set, so takes a fair bit of building. Youngest bless him did try his best to help me…

I guess in a way this is good for children
as they get the “enjoyment” (I use this word very loosely as the bits kept pinging off as I tried to lodge them into place!) of constructing it and then
the fun of moving their figures around the scene. A redeeming feature is the price as its only £9.99 a fan of the
show would probably love to add it to their collection, they might be quite
happy to persevere
with building it! I gave up eventually
after coming close to completing it and waited for hubbie to come home, I do
not like admitting defeat but it does happen quite regularly on building projects!!!

boys liked the detailing of the figures and the fact you can move their little arms
and legs around. I was quite partial to
the red handbag Clara Oswald was modelling, shame I cannot upscale that to my
size! The figures came with a little
stand so you could display them proudly, especially if you are more into
collecting and admiring than playing. 
Youngest used the stand as a shield for the characters and was quite
adamant when daddy told him different!

can see more information and make a purchase on the Character Options website.

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