Britmums 2013

I was lucky to be sponsored by Tasty Little Numbers and
had a fabulous time. I had a permanent
grin slapped on my face for two whole days, I ate cake and biscuits to my hearts
content, I chatted, laughed and cried. 
It was a fast paced event, but highly informative and

I did a wanding tutorial

I enjoyed some cheeky Sodastream cocktails

I acquainted myself with two rather fine penguins

I have come home with
some new ideas (Nigel had a great session on vlogs) and having made some very dear friends, especially Angela from
This is Life. But it was amazing meeting each and every one of you lovely ladies and a rather interesting fella with a penchant for large dogs called Scooby (Paul you were a highlight in yourself).

Scooby in the BEFORE photo!

Jada, Helen, Lorraine, Claire, Claire (part deux), Clare and Julie (for the hugs I salute you and thanks for being my official Tasty Little Numbers samplers outside of the building of course!) and I briefly met many more. Angela and I got a little lost so missed the introductions to the event, but I heard everyone was tasked with making three new friends!

It was a pleasure making so many more and feeling part of a HUGE network of bloggers, all supporting one another! Jennie you touched my heart, I wish I had the courage to say more to you, but I think you knew the all of us bloggers were united in remembering Matilda.

I feel drained though its not surprising given how
much energy it takes to be so bubbly and leap around from one PR opportunity to
the next. I was like a crazy Duracell
bunny but by the time Saturday evening came and I met my university best buddy
of DaisychainBaby fame I could be more like myself and slowly uncoil into calmer me.

She knows I can be all animated
and confident but I enjoy downtime too, I think the roller coaster of emotions in one short weekend played a part. 
So I have not booked for next year just yet, I need time to feel ready
to face the sheer quantity of people in one room buzzing around the place again! That and I really do not understand the tube;
it feels like a strange maze waiting for me to get completely lost! Luckily my friend was willing to come no
less than 23 stops to rescue me… I am blessed!

Coming home to my boys at the end of a busy weekend was the icing on the cake, I had a lovely welcome at the train station and just cuddled them all up! Although I think they were most keen to hunt around my bags for goodies for them…

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