Feeding my cubs

two little cubs had a lovely delivery arrive, filled with the new BEAR Paws
100% fruit snack and some very sweet animal finger puppets.

I had to try hard to get him to stop for a photo as youngest was all for just opening up the packets and eating the contents straight up!

We are fans of BEAR Yo Yo’s already; the
boys always look out for the packaging in the supermarket and really enjoy snacking on them. If anything I think they like these more,
tiny bite sized animal paw prints.

tried a few myself and they are quite tasty and it’s good to know as a parent each
packet gives your child one of their five a day! It can be hard finding healthy snacks that my boys approve of, as
they are getting older they are becoming more resistant to mummy picking and
putting their foot down! Lured in by
naughty sugary sweets, but thankfully with BEAR snacks readily available I do
not have a fight on my hands anymore.

3 recipes each have different shaped paw prints, happily for eldest one was a Dino
(strawberry & apple) inspired packet for him to chomp on. The paw prints were even verified by a
bonafide tracker, so you know your children are getting the genuine
article. These snacks are not only wholesome
but educational and interesting for my boys.

an eye out in Sainsbury’s, Wholefoods, Holland & Barrett and lots of small
chains to track down your own BEAR Paws.

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