LOGO What Am I? Review and Competition

do love a decent board game, but hubbie and I do not seem to have as much
chance to play them anymore. In the hot
weather the boys are awake longer into the night so this game review from Drumond Park was the perfect chance for hubbie and I to find time (to detach ourselves
off the laptop and sit face to face before it was time for bed!).

is pitched as an 8+ game, so I planned on reviewing it with just the two of us,
as eldest is only just six. Although I
am sure he would have recognised some of the more famous brand logos. He certainly badgers us for sweets and
chocolate bars anyway so should be a master in that area!

The game focuses around your drawing, deducing and
describing skills. Hubbie and I were
enjoying working our way through the game playing cards so much that in the end
we dropped playing on the board, as we wanted to just see each other’s drawings
and hear each other’s descriptions. 
Some of them can be quite funny and we did have a few welcome giggles.

Fancy your chances with this picture, what do you think it is?

found guess it a challenge with the timer at first (it seemed to run out too fast!), but there are suggested questions to help you narrow down to the item
or store and it did get easier as we developed our proficiency at asking
suitable yes and no questions.

a describe it round hubbie was saying a horse likes eating these? I did not
have a clue what a horse would enjoy! 
So my guesses were apples, sugar and hay! It ended up being oats, I rolled my eyes and said why did you not
say “what flapjacks are made off”? 
Obviously I need to swot up on horse dietary habits! So there is plenty of challenge in this

To put you out of your misery the answer to the picture was Kinder Egg! Eldest thought a dragon doing fire when I showed him the picture, so I think I need to work on my drawing ability!

you would like to win your own copy (RRP £24.99) fill in the rafflecopter below
by the 26th of July.

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172 thoughts on “LOGO What Am I? Review and Competition

  1. Would love this, I have the original logo board game but its a bit difficult for my kids so would like to try this but they're expensive aren't they x

  2. This looks a brilliant family game – perfect for the rainy days which we will no doubt get in the summer holidays!

  3. We love this kind of game in our house. I think I'll struggle with the drawing too though! For slightly older kids games like this are fabulous because it helps them think about different words and questions, helping build their vocabulary and logical thinking skills.

  4. Looks a fun game, that could provide the family with lots of laughs, even more so when i'd have to draw!!! 🙂 xx

  5. This game sound like fun for the whole family. We love games in our house and this would go down a storm.

  6. Im terrible at drawing! At least we will all have a good laugh. my 6 year old would love this because she is a fab artist. 🙂

  7. Fantastic Giveaway :).I'm hopeless at drawing,but it would be good to see if anyone could actually recognise anything from my matchstick drawings!!haha

  8. Now..would anyone say anything not nice….well, this looks like a great prize. We love board games and I am still Trivial Pursuit Champion but my son is Scrabble leader ! This looks good as my Grandson Jaret can join in as well….so my fingers are firmly crossed….. p.s. Hope those nights still aren't so sleepless!

  9. Lovely giveaway!! My daughter has been after this game for a while – after reading your review I think we will buy it for her birthday in October. Thats if I dont win this one!! 🙂

  10. that looks great – also a little worrying how little we notice brand logos because we're so used to seeing them everywhere at all times!

  11. Thanks so much for this great giveaway! Drummon Park games are the absolute best, so whoever wins this is a lucky ducky! 😀 x

  12. I love the look of this game and as the children grow older we are looking for games to play as a family! x

  13. I love the logo game so even if I don't win this comp I will have to buy this game for my parties! It looks Fab!!

  14. My boyfriend has grown up playing board games, and knows most of them. This would be a great surprise for him! He's recently got me into games too, so this would be nice so we can play together x

  15. Love board games. Always used to get one at Christmas and the family would sit round after dinner and play.

  16. My kids would love to play this as a change from our other board games, which have been played to death!

  17. I collect board games and yet this is one of the only ones I haven't got! I would love this game to add to my collection!

  18. My and hubby play these type of gmaes, but usually on phone apps, so would be good to do face-to-face. Although I think my drawing would make yours look like it was a proffessional piece!

  19. I love board games too and we were in Toy R US today and I was trying to explain to Buddy that I used to love games but don't get time to play them anymore. He bought a Ben 10 one for us to play – I think I'd prefer to win this 😉

  20. we would love playing this game. I couldnt work out what it was lol i thought of a car going through fire or a pie or something hot and spicy so I was thinking along the same lines as your eldest.

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