Holiday Inn Telford and Wonderland

feel compelled to write about our fantastic stay here despite no recompense
(i.e. I paid for it all myself heart breaking I know, see us bloggers do
actually buy things on occasion lol!). 
I was impressed we had an over night stay for £60 for the four of us
including a hearty cooked breakfast (well youngest opted to chow down on
yoghurt and cheese instead!), access to the swimming pool and entrance into
Wonderland for that bargain price! It might have been cheaper as it was quite a last minute booking but still I think its worth keeping an eye on theiHoliday Inn website for deals.

you were in Telford or needing an over night stop on your way somewhere I would
highly recommend it. The bedroom had
two large comfy double beds, usually when I stay (even in the Hilton may I add)
we have ended up with one nice comfy bed and one put up double sofa bed… which
to be is not quite as luxurious and believe it or not we paid DOUBLE what we
paid with Holiday Inn.

impressive park in Telford was just walking distance from the hotel through a
security gate, so you must head there at some point.

Even I could not resist a go! Although judging by the look on my face I was a bit of a wimp…

But with the free entrance into Wonderland
it is worth spending a few hours enjoying the attraction too (normally a family
ticket can set you back about £22 if you book in advance). So our £60 stay was exceptional value when
you deduct entrance into Wonderland from it!

There were mixed reviews of Wonderland so I did not know what to expect but my boys had a really enjoyable time there. I do agree its a little dated but its surprisingly well staffed and the show was as good as ones we have seen in much more expensive parks. It made my boys giggle anyway and that’s what counts for us.

A sweet teddy bear picnic biscuits and crisps a plenty!

I went back in a maze whoop!

Enjoying one of the few rides

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