Cineworld Cinemas Review Visit

were very excited to be heading off to Llandudno Cineworld to watch Monsters
University, this was my boys third cinema visit (first to a Cineworld) and also there best! Going to the cinema can always be a little
tricky with youngsters; you try and prop them up on your knee so they can see
the screen properly! But thankfully we
had no such problems here as the seating was staggered so well, viewing was
achievable for both my boys! Meaning we sat more comfortably for a change rather than having ended up with cramp from
sitting in a funny position for the duration of the film…

The staff were very welcoming and friendly, which is what you want on family day’s out. The toilets were clean and I liked seeing a little children’s dryer in there, nice touch to make sure kiddies can reach it themselves! I think my boys had their eyes on an action film – maybe when they are MUCH older!

are some great deals at the moment which makes a visit to the cinema more
affordable, you can save 20% off family tickets for summer films when you book
online with mycineworld.

Booking online
benefits you two fold as you also get entered into exclusive competitions. We all love a freebie and booking your
tickets with Cineworld might completely surprise you! Imagine having watched Planes and then finding out your online booking
was the one to win a BA family holiday to Florida… (I would be green with envy as jetting of to Florida is our dream!).

I am just a little sad that
I had free review tickets for Monsters University as I do not get entry into
the prize draw for a monster bedroom makeover! 
I think we will be back soon just to make the most of the online booking
facility and have a try at ALL these fabulous competitions. That and a visit to the cinema is actually quite
relaxing, youngest stays still sat nicely for the duration of the film, which
is quite a novelty as usually he is buzzing around everywhere! Although he does tend to try and chatter on,
I need to train him that cinema viewing is quiet time!!! Well now I have found a cinema I love I guess I can start re-training him!

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