Sort it Out! Review

I love the handy storage size perfect for taking away on
holidays. Not only is it a compact game
it is also easy to play, no complicated instructions to get confused by! Just open the tin and its all-quite
self-explanatory. I would have
preferred the University Games Spot the Difference game as this something both
boys enjoy doing (but least that’s another for the Christmas list!), and in the
meantime Sort it Out! will keep hubbie and I occupied on holiday. In the evening when they go to sleep its
something we can do to wile away our time and perhaps get more knowledgeable in
the process… we may be Mensa material by the end of it you never know! Stranger things have happened. Let the battle of the brains begin! I just hope I make some lucky guesses…

Although eldest is only six he has shown interest in this
game (its an 8 plus one), he has an avid interest in Wildlife, so enjoys expanding his knowledge in
that respect. It is quite interesting
learning some of the facts, like elephant daily poo weighs in at 110kg (3
standard house bricks was only 12kg so it’s a lot of poo!). The facts are across lots of different
topics, human body, wildlife like I mentioned and entertainment. Then you are allocated points for how many you place in the correct

When you think you know what order they should be in, you just slot in the coloured markers. Then you can just turn the card round to see if you got it right. Even if you get hardly any points, least you do learn some fascinating facts.

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