Organix Goodies Snacks for the win

We were sent a very welcome box of Organix Goodies treats
for the boys to review. I almost
declined the review as I thought my two being four and six might not find much
of interest in the brand anymore, well I was so wrong! Especially with the addition of the Fruit
Gummies these had a very positive reaction, “love them” “nice” “yum” “really
really best sweets”. Not bad
considering they contain 100% organic fruit and no artificial ingredients, so
you can give your children a real treat replacing the sugary sweets they
normally badger on for. Plus I find
some sweets make youngest a little more feral than normal, so anything without
all the junk in is a big plus point for me!

cries of I am hungry all the time, this box was wolfed down quite quickly as
you can imagine! I was surprised how
much youngest enjoyed the Squeezies (fruit purees in a handy container) – it
was nice to think he was getting one of his five a day so easily and with no
fuss for a change. It is a good way to
introduce children to fruits they might not have tried before. I think this is the first time youngest had
a taste of Mango.

Squeezy Tubes are handy in the hot weather we are having as you can put them in
the freezer as a refreshing frozen snack. 
Also for school I was finding the fresh fruit was not lasting very well
so was pleased to have a few packs of Goodies dried fruit to send them in with
instead! I will be stocking up on more
of these, as they are so handy.

Organix range is so much more extensive than I remembered, my two grew up
snacking on the oaty bars and rice cakes, but it is definitely a brand that
appeals as they grow older too, so do look out for Organix at your next trip to
the supermarket your children will be thanking you for it!

can find out more about exclusive competitions through the Goodies facebook page, it’s never been a better time to stock up on these snacks with special
promotional pack giveaways. I am sure
eldest would relish being a Zoo Keeper for the day!

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  1. oh did you just say for the win … lol is your husband playing warcraft again.. nice post love goodies 🙂

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