Teenage Mutant Turtle Secret Sewer Lair Review

boys could not believe their luck when the Teenage Mutant Turtle Secret Sewer Lair Playset turned up! It is massive,
the box looked big enough on its own, but it grew even bigger once built.

So they had heaps of space to play around
it, no characters came with the set but my boys had a Teenage Mutant Turtle
character each in residence already, phew! 
They used to be found knocking around the playroom but now they have a
custom built home just perfect for the two of them.

think £99.99 is quite a bit to pay for a toy and we were worried when some of
the building parts were cardboard pieces. 
But once built the lair seemed to come together quite nicely and was strong enough for my two and most importantly there
were lots of interesting features which I think helps justify the price.

The build project took awhile luckily I had
hubbie managing it as I think I would have taken twice as long to fathom out
what to do!!! But seeing the boys
delight when it was all set to play with was well worth it, already they have
spent many hours with the lair! They have
added lots of other random characters into the mix too, trying to break into
the lair and claim it for their own. 
Fortunately with the built in security measures they have no chance,
there is a gun hidden in a bin, a zip wire for quick escape, floors that fall
out and so much more. Just discovering
all the features provided plenty of entertainment and then their imaginations
took care of the rest.

asked the boys what do you like about the lair and they said “everything”. So there we go I think I would have definitely
bought this as a Christmas present or birthday present, the boys have already
ear marked other characters and vehicles in Argos’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle range they want to build up there
collection! I think it’s going to be a
very green and hard-shelled Christmas in our house this year…

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