Charity Starts at Home: Ways to Boost the UK Economy this Summer

You can’t help but notice the effects that the recession has had on Britain. Families are more likely than most to have felt the pinch themselves, and a walk down the empty shop riddled high-street makes the situation very clear.

Money is tight, but using what you have wisely can help boost the economy without making any additional purchases or outlays than you would be anyway. This summer try and think about the choices you are making, and alter them slightly for the benefit of the country and your family in the future.

Holiday at home

Working for the best part of the year and then going abroad on holiday is great, but by holidaying in the UK you can save money, and help put something back into the British economy at the same time. There are some great UK holidays to choose from and so much to do right on your doorstep. Why not try your luck in the Cushelle competition to win a holiday to Butlins before you book your trip.

Buy British

A lot of people buy British meat, but don’t consider the origins of their food when it comes to other ingredients. British farmers have been hit especially hard over the last few years, but continue to provide fantastic quality produce to the shelves. Most food will have a country of origin on the packaging, and where possible you should think about buying British. It’s better for the environment too as it hasn’t had to be transported and therefore has a relatively small carbon footprint.

Independent shops

National and international brands tend to have enough stores and investment to continue trading even in the hardest times. The fact that many big name high street chains have folded in the wake of the recession shows just how hard times have been. For independent storeowners it is even worse as they have nothing to offset their income with. Support your local businesses and buy from them rather than getting everything at the supermarket.

You don’t need to spend any more money to help the recovery of the economy. By slightly altering what you spend it on and how, you can make a big difference to the UK’s future.

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