Wedding Anniversary Gifts for the First Ten Years of Marriage

We are on our seventh year of marriage and I am always clueless what to get hubbie. Getting the right gift for someone’s wedding anniversary, whether it’s your friend or yourself, should never be a task you do not want, but you’ll still need to put a fair bit of effort into making sure the gift is the perfect one. If you want to stick to the traditional materials or values of a wedding anniversary, then here are a few gift ideas to match the right material. If you’re looking for somewhere to buy these gift then look at the selection of anniversary presents from to get the right one.

1 Year – Paper

This is one of the more obvious ones as so many sentimental items are on paper. From personalised messages to poems or even books, there’s a pretty wide range of things to buy that pertain to a paper anniversary, the trick is just to not overdo the cheese element of whatever it is. If you’re looking to really push the (origami) boat out on this one, consider a rare book from somewhere like abebooks, to get one of their favourite works of fiction in a rare and very expensive way.

2 Year – Cotton

With the second year of gifts comes some difficulty- let’s not make an analogies to the relationship yet- in picking the right gift while staying to the cotton theme. Bedding and comfort are the main things that come to mind here, so anything that fits into those categories would be good. These personalised cotton towels stay pretty close to the mark and also make a really useful contribution. This is often the time in a relationship when they finally want a matching towel set so they can throw out the mismatched ones from before.

3 Year – Leather

The third year anniversary has to be one of the easiest of the bunch, if you can afford to make it happen. Shoes, bags and wallets and purses are the way forwards here. And if you’re unsure about shoe sizes you can always go for something more universal like a leather phone case or purse. The pricings are actually fairly flexible depending on the brand. If you’re really looking to impress her, you might want something like the Michael Kors zip Wallet of iPhone 5.

4 Year – Linen

Linen is very similar to cotton in terms of what you should be looking at buying. Sheets, cushions and slightly outside the box gifts such as linen photo albums will be perfect here.

5 Year – Wood

The five-year wood anniversary offers a wide range of pricings for your gift. You can keep it conservative and go for a photo frame or smaller house accessory, or go for the big time and splash out on a new piece of furniture. If you don’t fancy spending hundreds that perhaps this wooden keepsake box would make a better option.

6 Year – Iron

Assuming that you’re not a blacksmith, you’ll have to get pretty inventive to find a good anniversary gift for this year. Luckily, iron sculptures are still in fashion and will be for a while. If you can’t afford such a luxury, Kellogg’s Frosties are high in iron? If you’re outgoing enough, it may be worth contacting a small independent blacksmith in your area to see if they can produce something unique.

7 Year – Wool

Wool gifts accompany the idea that the marriage is warm and durable. These can be an inexpensive as you like, spanning from novelty socks to a luxurious Kashmir rug. The one pictured is over three thousand though: perhaps a little too pricey.

8 Year – Bronze

There are probably more gifts for him than for her this year. Small sculptures and antique-looking accessories are a good choice. Bronze actually has less potential to be expensive than the previous counterparts, so some careful decision making time is needed to get something extra special.

9 Year – Willow and Pottery

Pottery is probably more culturally relevant in this day and age. Personalised mugs and plates would make great and inexpensive gifts for a budget, or go for an extravagant pottery vase or artwork if you want to really impress. You might want to make it less gruesome than this though.

10 Year – Tin/Aluminium

The 10th year should be a big one, and luckily these materials mean you can make it so. Aluminium is currently a really fashionable material for furniture in the past couple of years, you can pay from a few hundred pounds to really high prices. This ‘Aviator’ desk from Timothy Oulton is beautiful, but also over two thousand pounds. It’s up to you to make a judgement on that.

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