Why a Spa Break Can Do You the World of Good?

spa break

My mum had quite a big operation back in December so whilst she has been recovering, we have had no babysitter for date nights!  We feel like we are long overdue a break from the kids.  How awful do I sound haha!  But for Valentines it would be nice to do something extra special like booking a spa break!

We have just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary after all!  Having stuck with each other through all the highs and lows of parenting over the years.  Most of the time we can’t even hold a proper conversation because the boys will constantly jump in or change the subject!  For our anniversary we happened to be away with the kids though so its wasn’t particularly romantic!

On top of that for some reason the youngest refused to sleep!  He then woke up at 5am determined to get started with the day!  I was exhausted.  He is 9 now so I thought early starts were well and truly a thing of the past.

I want a lazy night away with my husband we could enjoy a spa break then stay over at a hotel somewhere.  A chance to completely unwind and relax.  All our needs met and no little people to run around after!  I would feel revitalised then, better able to cope with their demands and grumbles.  I love my boys but blimey it is tiring at times.

My reasons for needing this spa break

Heading to a spa can really lift your spirits.  January can be such a gloomy month it’s nice to book something to look forward too.  Plus, I won’t feel guilty for wanting a break from the boys.  Apparently 90% of mums feel guilty about something and its draining!  Your mind is constantly whirring wondering if you could be doing it better.  I am one of those mums usually.  Times are changing though I need to make more time for me.

The use of essential oils at the spa can have lots of helpful properties that will relieve different symptoms and give you more energy!

Spa break essential oils

I need a quiet place to chill.  Life with children is noisy and animated, I need to peacefully recharge my batteries.

As an asthmatic a steam room can work wonders with my condition.  So, you see I can’t feel guilty leaving the kids if it is making me healthy!

A massage can release serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin so you generally feel happier after your spa treatments!  Great for valentines so you and your partner can really enjoy each other’s company.  If you are both happy you will also be happier as parents!

spa break

Refusing to feel guilty about it

So, book the break its important to work on your relationship with your partner and what better time than at Valentines.  If you really want to shake off that guilt read this article about putting children second to your marriage.  This is a very new thing for us to try, as we have always focused on the kids needs first.  It’s good for children to realise that not everyone will put them first.  In the workplace they need to learn not everything always goes their way.

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